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localization client problem(Critical error)

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hi there,i have a problem
i want to make client side chinese language,so I copied the zh-cn file to the en-gb folder.
but when i pick up any item or drop any item,this client closed(Critical error)
I tried many ways and spent a lot of time to find problem
I'm sure it's the ndlanguage.edf problem,but i have no idea to fix it.
can someone help me,thanks.
sorry,my bad english


i solved by myself.
i read all posts in this forums
i wasted 3 days and nights to find answer
I know the reason at last
RFLauncher:defaultSet.SetValue((byte)0xD4, 53)//US: D4
so when game start,read en-gb by default
change this nation code what u want,o my god,A miracle,it's Succeed!
pls forgive me  I'm so excited!!!
Thanks 4erepaxa for ur answer!!!
Thanks to all guys!!!
thanks rf-dev.net!!!

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2 hours ago, 4erepaxa said:

I think problem in charset of rf_online.bin

Try to set "zh-cn" language in R3Engine.ini and put files in "DataTable/zh-cn" filder.


Thanks for your help, sir
you mean put en-gb Folder files to zh-cn?
it's not working to edit  R3Engine.ini(Language=China)
it seems read config (DataTable/en-gb)  by default
when i'm in game,Laugange  still english,please help me,thanks

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