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Need help about "item aura's"

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So i found metal elven shield skin on google. And it become like this :

Now, what i want to ask is, what do i need to do if i want to change the shape of aura itself. Let say it become like this :

(Sorry for my bad edit)
I already tried to change the pos box in .spt file, but it just change the position, not the shape. 
I really glad if you can help me with this problem. Thank you

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Ok brieftly as I take example of 55 shield.

- First of all you need to look for spt file which is associated to your item (Spt file putted in eff file which is placed exactly where you want on top/center/bottom of weapon, whatever)

- Inside spt you can find defined: pos box, alpha, colour, timing - various things.

- If you want to change the shape of glowing that going out from it, you need to look for entity file - shield_P.R3E

- what you want to edite is not r3e file but, r3t, and edite dds texture file what is inside. Unpack ->Edite->Repack->Backup->Replace File->Try out.


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R3T texture file what you want to edite.



However it does not working like this exactly, since texture files are generated in different way with RFO Korean game enigma engine. Try out, good luck !

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