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RF Quest 56 Cap

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RF Quest 2232
Quest is a Quest only RF Online, No grinding mobs for hours. Do a quest get a level.
Level 56 Cap
PT Rate 30-45x
Mine Rate 10-15x
Chaos Pots Removed
Quest 36+ are party able quest
Quest 41+ have new rewards
Cash Regen Per PvP map Only 200 normal 400 Premium
Auto Loot Premium ( If we get protection )
Sell rate goes up from level 1 to 55
New Daily Quest
New Daily Money Quest
New Mobs Elf Land
New Daily Elf Land Quest
New Mining Quest
Daily Quest ( Get T6 Gems, Upgraders, Boxes )
Cartella 2 Level 55 to Enter
Towers Use Iggy and Favors ( This is like 216 RF as excels suck crafting )
Level 50 and 55 Weapon Combine Online ( Upgraders work on them )
NPC's in Cartella 1 and Cartella 2
NPC HQ Intense Items Removed ( Farm Only )
New Items On Cash Shop ( HDH Weapon Box 55 Weapon with Level 50 requirement )
NPC ( Gold point, Hunting Point, Process Points )
HDH Weapon Box ( Leon 55 and Infinity Wep level 55)
Dragon Armor with New Combine 
Archon Armor Combine (Archon Armor does not sell on NPC)
New Mau 55 with AOE (Arms have attack of 51 Arms)
New Combine for Relic Box
New Combine for HDH Box
New Combine for Premium Coupon item to use in Cash Shop
Items On Game CP are for you to vote or donate
Weaker Classes Boosted (Advent,HS,Armsmans,Stealth Class,Traps, Warlock,Wizard)
Probably missing a few things but we only sell Premium/Game Cp points. We will not sell
Armor/Weapons. Premium 10$ 30 days, Dual Pot 15$ 30 days, Class change 5$, Race Change 10$ 1x Per month
These are the only things we will allow to donate for here at RF Quest.
We are not in this for the money but for gameplay and long term fun. All money goes toward
server cost and protection. Thank you all for reading and hope to see you in game.

We will announce opening live in a few more days as we finish final details.

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Opening Friday +0 GMT

Server is UK Gravelines OVH

DDOS Protection


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