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[v] - RF-RED-

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[v] - RF-RED
Client - 
Rates - x25 / x28 (normal / prem) 
Loot - x10 / x13 (normal / prem) 

Extend professional buffs to 500 sec. 
• Rire - 4k. 
Drops from the flems, the loot is cleared. 
• Glu - 15kk Falls 
from the Kalian, the loot is cleaner. 

• Gold bars - 55kk (Deadly Reaper, Junior Reaper 1 and 2 floor labs) 
• Gold capsules - 10 gold points you can find in the territory of Elan. (Gold points are an important game currency). 

- 45 relics fall PB in the General Staff - 
Crystal talis from Pseudodracons on Elan 
- All types of talis fall from moths and from foot soldiers in a lab 
- Stones t3 and t4 fall out from goblins and from mutant plants in a lab from 2 floors
- Chips for installing turrets falls from scarabs in VK and in a large number from Varas 
- T5 drops from the heads on elan 
- With EPB you can get 55 relicts 
(in level of attack equal between 60 and 65 ints) 
- With DDD you can get DDD jewelry and boxes with arches 
(arches can put an officer on level 60 and higher, according to the protection indicator, 65 Intu # Screenshots will be a little later #) 
- With Jetso, who are in the network desert at the raptor site, you can get antigravs 50 level and boosters to improve them. 
Changed the system of rank antigrav: 

- Weapons and Armor 1-5 Level 5 you can purchase from standard NPC 
Gold Pigs are changed, now you can purchase from them: 
For racial currency:


- Armor 57-65 
- Weapon 60-65 
- Shields 57-65 
For Gold Points: 
- Useful doping 
- Elemental jewelry 
- Snow guns 

At the PvP merchant you can purchase: 
- PALMAS gear 
- Leon Weapon 
- Citadel Jewelry Box 
- Server Shield 
- Irritation Generator 

At the Movement Coordinator, you will be able to purchase the necessary teleports for you. 

With the premium manager, you will be able to purchase: 
- 40% dope 
- Some Shop dope 
- Shop jewelry


PASSWORD: rf-dev.net

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BY Allianz

Edited by AndradeS


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Specify the author of this assembly and from where you downloaded it or rather the post on rfch

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