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Parser 2.8 TriRozhka ( Script Editor Server+Client )

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TriRozhka released his work for free. You can edit things much more faster than structorian

His statement : http://dev.trirozhka.ru/showpost.php?p=54&postcount=3

New download links from TriRozhka 

Tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BFVx4QsQNI


Old Links

Download : https://mega.nz/#!TXI2iAbZ!ap_j0G_SMtdEl4A09O6dHFASc9eg9d-DRIbRhuiAB_M ( original work russian language )

English language pack : https://mega.nz/#!rfo1laTC!VQpVKkfmuJFbnqTsRac-H_dNOwKZK6K--1LY_6vYBw4 ( english version made by Killerwoody and Freedom )



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TriRozhka released his work for free. You can edit things much more faster than structorian His statement : http://dev.trirozhka.ru/showpost.php?p=54&postcount=3 New download links from

Coming soon. New version of tool (WIP) Sorry for such a looong time. Main functions are ready, but i have to do something with licensing...

Freedom and I are working on getting this fixed up for English. Also will try to do a video guide or text guide for everyone.  Freedom and I only did 2232 gu_in it's not the easiest to convert an

3 hours ago, Wade said:

TriRozhka released his work for free. You can edit things much more faster than structorian

Download : https://mega.nz/#!PBJS3a5C!9WMFk-wFJOUlV5LkC1Mu71Q7rn3YPq9DU0K-ByL6NbM

His statement http://dev.trirozhka.ru/showpost.php?p=54&postcount=3



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Hello guys, I got problem on installation, which already solved. (credit: Strannik).


1. Memory Leaking RAM when using the parser.

2. Need about 10-20 minutes to parse one dat file.



My problem is because I'm not using Trirozhka included appserv 2.5.10 on the zip. Which he stated on the recommended requirements:


The product was developed and stably functions only on the basis of appserv 2.5.10 (present in the distribution). On other web servers with different versions of PHP, operation is not guaranteed. 

I'm not sure why my xampp installation (xampp's apache and php) causing that problem, though it's better to follow Trirozhka requirements.


Anyway for the installation guide just follow this:


1. Extract the files from the archive and place in a convenient place for you. The folder containing the * _in, * _out, * _unpacker folders will be conditionally called the root. 

2. Place the contents of the folder (or the entire folder) php2.8 in the folder of your web server. 

3. In the config.php file, set the path to your root folder. (see example in file)

4. Perform the required changes in Excel files located in the * _in folder. Save Excel file, save each modified Excel sheet as "text files (tab-delimited)" under the name box. 

5. Run server.php and .php with the name of the folder in which the Excel files were edited. 

6. If there are errors (warnings can be ignored), check Excel files according to system prompts. Make sure that the names of the text files (server and client) are correct. 

7. Run the .bat script in the * _out folder. Pick up received files from * _out / ServerScript, * _out / datatable folders. 



1. parsing from server dat files to txt files

2. Open txt files using excel

3. Edit excel files in excel, and save as txt with tab delimiter.

4. generate client files from server files


Anymore questions regarding this can ask me on Support section, I'll help what I can.

Thank you.

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Sorry, just view the tutorial here (credit Capiroto):

Though I'm not sure what language was that. maybe Brazil?

just follow the picture, and don't forget to save backup of this video.

I have feeling it's going down :DxD


Next I will post my en-gb item.edf parser (still got some critical error on RF client when using the generated item.edf, so I can't send yet)

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Hello, here I give you my promised gu_in files.

But first to clarify, I'm not racist and I don't hate Russian, I just can't read the language, so I made English version of these:

1. Item.edf

2. Character.edf

3. Store.edf


I can't contact the Author to buy full version.

This one I made using the released files above

Link: https://mega.nz/#F!WgdQxICQ!wUtiM2ILKqxlelPJwSfYmQ

Please tell if link / something inside is broken, I'll take a look and fix it

Credit: Trirozhka, Wade, me


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link was down, I don't know why it was deleted from mega, reuploaded
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On 15/04/2019 at 06:22, blackfritz said:

Olá, aqui eu te dou meus arquivos gu_in prometidos.

Mas primeiro para esclarecer, não sou racista e não odeio russo, só não consigo ler a língua, então fiz a versão em inglês destes:

1. Item.edf

2. Character.edf

3. Store.edf


Eu não posso entrar em contato com o autor para comprar a versão completa.

Esse eu fiz usando os arquivos liberados acima

Link:  https://mega.nz/#F!WodDxayB!tNq8JigFDFuorZ9eEkdD6g

Por favor, diga se link / alguma coisa dentro está quebrado, eu vou dar uma olhada e consertá-lo

Crédito: Trirozhka, Wade, eu


poderia libera o link.

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