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Hello everyone,
I'm an old developer (6 years hiatus) making a come back.
Last time I have developed a 2.2.3 server, now I would like to make a comeback with my coding and networking skills, hoping I also able to contribute along the way

1. What is the recommended RF version server nowadays? 223 or 2232? Please add these for your consideration:
 - Players attraction
 - Stability
 - Clutter
2. What is the recommended GameCP to use? Intrepid GameCP V2 is fine?
3. What is the recommended Gameguard to use? Yorozuya? Devcorp? RvShield? Pinkof?

I have tried paid Devcorp gameguard about six years ago, but then people still able to hack my server. I'll need your recommendation guys.

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Everyone seems to have a 2232 these days and more resources/tools etc made for it.
It has more clutter naturally.

Not sure about all the available GameCP-s. The source i released is for 223 but needs some adjustments for 2232 specific stuff.
DevCorp is currently the top - but paid. Yorozuya has bugs and needs fixing - but when people do they don't really want to share the fixes i guess.

Nothing stops hacks completely, there are always new ones.

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