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A story + age of patron leaks ( chit chat )

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I wanna tell a story. You can also share if something similar happened to you.

I was working for an official rf online publisher from home. Dont want to go into detail. I didn't have an access to the machine cause i dont go to office. I have a good friendship with my manager so he gave me bunch of files to check. We were testing. Project was over and those files were still in my possession. Most private servers have some basic problems for example honor guilds. Honor guilds function was working perfectly. Race leader can change honor guild every day and guilds get money depens on the % of their share. This is actually valuable. Also files come with lots of fixes you dont really need a zone protection. I didn't actually think about giving out or keep it for something else i just deleted all of them. Now im actually a bit sad. I dont care how much those files worth it. If i still had them probably i would leak instead of selling. You dont think that way when you work for the company but when its over things change.
Note : Server version was

TLDR : I got some valuable rf online documents & files from officials. Instead of keeping them i deleted all of them. Now im sad :)

Lets chit chat about leaks. Its been more than 2 years since the age of patron ( version 4.15 ) came around. Also there are lots of offical servers running around here like ru us ph id tw cn jp kr. I dont remember how many years have been passed between grand update and the leaks of those files but one way or another 4.15 leak will happen eventually we are all sure about that. But when will the 4.15 leaks happen and which country is going to leak those files in your opinion ? Dont you think we have had enough of servers and projects ?

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he just want to talk arround (chit chat), with a opening story that he working for official rf online publisher, and get the files and delete all of them.

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