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.INI files and their functions ?

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Hello people.

I want to understand what server each .ini file should look like inside the SERVER initialize folder that brings changes to the game. some files I know, but others do not. Then I would like anyone who knew and could share the knowledge.

Besides those that are for server connection configuration ... I know few.

-ServerRate.ini = level rates ... drop ... animus rate up ....
-MonsterSet.ini = adjust of the drop of the mostros based on the level of the player

If anyone can help, I appreciate it. :)







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ActionPointSystem.ini = you need to update the date inside of that ini so gold pills will work when you use it.

cash_discount.ini = percent of discount every item on cash shop and you should update also the date {never try to use it}

NewHolySystem.ini = Nation Code { Depends you use RU US TH } , RaceBattlePoint {CW Point how much cpt player get WIN - LOSE - FAIL}, FREEMINING{ They can mining if holystonekeeper was not there},

WorldSystem.ini = Version Check Key , Class Refine Event {If you want to add class redefine at HERO NPC}, StoneNum = 3 {The map where CW will held but im not sure for it}

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