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Texture/Glow Tutorial

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To change the color of archons Akretii files:

1. aura1_p - Phalanx archons (it is between the archons and the halo of the eye)
2. aura2_p - Eye archons
3. aura3_p - Around the eyes
4. bbb_p - The lowest glow archons
5. cy2_p - Nimbus over the character's head
6. acre3_p - Column archons

To change the color of lamps Bellato files:

1. bela1_p - The glow of the lamp by the Federation
2. bela2_p - The glow around the mark the Federation of the archonslamp
3. bbbb_p - The lowest glow archonslamp
4. cy2b_p - Nimbus over the character's head

To change the color of lamps Alliance files:

1. cora_p - Zodiac race bark and square on the top of the archons
2. cora2_p - one layer of the archons, the characters
3. cora3_p - Leg Lamp, tracings archons, 2 layer
4. bbbc_p - The lowest glow archons archons archons
5. cy2c_p - Nimbus over the character's head.

Also image is changeable, just need to replace *dds file .


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