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Removing ether ship chat spam

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Tired of these ether ship update messages that spam the chat all the time?  Now, you can get rid of them ! Of course you won't be able to know where the ship is anymore, but if your server uses a teleport then it is no problem.

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  1. Put the file in your datatable/LANGUAGE folder (i use EN-GB, if you use ru put it in ru-ru, if you use BR put in PT-BR and so on).
  2. This get rid of 90% of the messages, however some messages are in NDLanguage.edf
  3. These can be easily edited/removed by in dateditor, using strs by novanakal. In my live servers, i used these messages for advertising ^^
  4. Works perfectly and never had any critical errors with it. That said, i use en-gb only, never tested with other language.


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