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Cash Related : Product List index is different.

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Hello people
I have the following problem.

I'm with 100k of cashshop but when I try to buy, I get the message: Cash Related: Product list index is diferent

I have seen in another topic to verify the nationality of the client and server. My server is Ru.
My client was USA and then I moved to Russia, but I made a mistake. I tested it on several clients.




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1. Sync CashShop.dat , CashShop_str.dat , NDItemCash.Edf with same price or you can using CashShop matching from LikeTurban 

2. if you using BILLING RU ( dbo.tbl_personal_billing ) , Delete all Data from dbo.tbl_CashList and Re-Insert from CashShop.sql from Result CashShop Matching Tools 


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I had tried this, but only a few items that I could buy ... others made the same mistake.

what server side and client side files do I need to put in the folder with MatchingTool?


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