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GM skills, but I can not get equipment from other classes.

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Hello people. I mounted a local server. I used a Querie to leave the GM skills but I can not use weapons from other classes.
How do I fix this?





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In this char I'm launcher, I can only use weapons this class. I can use other classes up to lvl 40.

in another char meeler, I can not use arcs..launchers ... etc .... just weapons and armor for the class

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Nope, you're wrong, if you use gm command like %allskill 999999999, and all of your PTs going to GM. then all of PTs class will upgraded to GM also unless other main Class PT max value is 66.

Example you have a Launcher char (Pure Ranger class) then use gm command %allskill, all of PTs going to GM at all, include Melee GM. And it affected the weapon PT requirement also. But the fact you're limited by max value, is 66.

And How to fix it if you want to go:

Change PT limit at masteryclass at server script, also at Client (character.edf).

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