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Greetings! Been doing map editing for awhile and would like to offer my service for editing your maps.

What I do:

  • Add/Remove entity object that already exist in game client (Any version up to 1.5). Example - Tree, grass, mushroom, rock, vehicle etc.
  • Add/Remove entity effect that already exist in game client (Any version up to 1.5) Example - Butterfly, flies, fire, sand, smoke etc.
  • Add/Remove collision walls (aka geodata).

What I don't do:

  • Re-texture object, unless it's easy task.
  • Import new model object.


Depends on project difficulty :)

You will get exclusive map, that works like a retail one, without issues.


Here is example of my work, can be adjusted. Modded Medical Laboratory map that can be used as normal map or dungeon. Styled in abandoned way with greens.

This map is for sale at this moment.


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