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Making Auto Update

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Hello There !

So today i want share tutorial how i make a auto update for rf online 223 - 2232 since long time ago, hehe..

since there's already a few tutorial how to make auto update works fine, so i will show how i make the Auto Updates.

example tutorial by DeusEx : 


in my tutorial maybe "more simple" from DeusEx, in my opinion, but it's all up to u again.

Tools Required : 

  • Update Maker by NiTr0 (TMP Maker)
  • RF Client, RF Launcher
  • Emulator worked fine

Video Tutorial (Remake from Tutorial 2013)

You can download The Update Maker here : 


What do you guys think about my step to make auto update with other tutorial ?

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feel free to ask anything, but everything has a price

W W W . H E A V E N - G A M I N G . O R G

everything has a price to be paid, but not always in terms of money


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What happened with princeray? Why youtube restricted and files delete?


Anyway - best way for autoupdate here, video inside rar You must be a registered member of RF-Dev and logged in to view this content.

Install it on novakal emulator guide

1 mistake by autor - after every created pathinfo.txt - need change it 3 and 4 lines for original 3 and 4 line

Edited by horo

RF Banana dev

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