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RF Parser Core sourcecode/project C#

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This is a separate project i split up from a separate editor project i was working on for Alpha version.

It has no UI.
It builds a DLL you can use in other projects/tools.

You need to write structures for each file/for the version of the files it will be used with.
You may need to add support for ND file headers.

Common usage would be:

  • Create a new instance of the "Loader" class.
  • Call "Loader" class method "Load" with file name and path ("C:/stuff/itemLooting.dat" etc).
  • You can load multiple files this way.
  • You can access them from the "Loader" class ("myLoaderInstance.helmetItem") modify/display etc.
  • You can save the files by calling "Loader" class method "Save" with file name and path.


  1. The structures are classes in the Structs folder
  2. Common/Definitions.cs contains various lists/maps for types to get human readable text for display.

And if you do - please share or make a merge request at gitlab.

You can find this from gitlab:


Or from the RF-dev gitlab group:

You can also visit our Discord for questions: 

And feel free to donate bitcoins if you find this useful:



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Included example

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No it is not looting editor.

It is any version as long as you write the structures (the .cs files in struct folder) to match your version.

It is up to you to implement it for your own projects/tools  or scripts to actually display/edit data.

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