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Community Guidelines

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Great communities need structure. Follow these general guidelines when using the site to help keep our community organized and well structured.

Community Guidelines

  1. Viewing download links, releases, or other content on RF-Dev requires user registration. Once registered, you will have access to all content while logged in. Registration requires a valid email address. If you have not received your registration verification email, please check your spam folder.
  2. Use the "Thanks" / "Like" buttons at the bottom-right of posts to thank people for their contributions, or if you just like the content. Using these reactions increases members' site reputation. A member's site reputation reflects their forum activity.
  3. In order to maintain activity, please do not post releases shared here on other websites without file owner consent. Member registration is free for anyone to sign up and access our content. You are more than welcome to share files elsewhere if you have permission from the original owner.
  4. Out of respect to other developers, it is not recommended to post other peoples' work without authorization, unless that work is already publicly available. That being said, RF-Dev will not take steps to filter content or releases, as we believe a free and open development platform is more important. While we will not directly promote "leaked" releases, we will not remove "leaked" releases from our website. It is important for developers to protect your own work, and we expect developers to take proper precautions to protect their intellectual property. We apologize regarding any frustration with this policy, and hope our members understand our neutral stance.
  5. When posting releases or other content, use file sharing sites such as MediaFire or Mega. If you own all copyright involved in a project, you can use the forum attachment system. Please do not use forum attachments for content that you are not authorized to distribute. Forum attachments are limited to 1MB.
  6. Download links, code, and spoiler tags, are automatically hidden for non-registered users. Anyone can register for access. RF-Dev thrives based on community interaction and this helps promote user activity. There are no post count requirements to view content, although some sections are limited to specific forum usergroups.
  7. Links to other websites are allowed in order to promote a free and open development community. We will not take any steps to filter other website URLs. Feel free to post links to your own websites, or other websites with information relevant to the discussion. As a courtesy, we only ask that if you post links to your own websites, that you link back to RF-Dev in some way.


These guidelines will be updated over time. You can reply to this thread with any questions or concerns.

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Some users were messaging me about posting links to other sites. Guideline #7 has been added to address this.

We do not mind members posting links back to their own sites. If you do, we only ask that you link back to RF-Dev in some way.

In addition, the forum attachment system has been limited to 1MB per file, and 5MB total storage. Please utilize third party hosting sites like Mega or MediaFire for uploading most files.

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