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[HELP] How Do We Know .eff files for who and spr code for some item

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I want to edit skin for palmas/kw/daidalos armor, i can edit the texture, but there is a white glowing dot on daidalos warrior accretian armor like this

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i want to know the .eff files and the spr codes cause i want to edit the glow to match my texture or even dismiss it

thanks for the answer. i really apreciate it if someone want to answer my question

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Dude .spr is for icons of items. Not glow stuff. 

I'm 99% sure Palmas/KnightWalker/Diadalos by default doesn't use a .eff and though-fore below won't be useful for you. To get rid of white mark you may just need to 00 out section of the .msh for it. The section would be after the primary texture file, most likely be like ENV_something.dds 


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