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Advertising Requirements

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Please read this post in full before posting your own ad. Not following these requirements and guidelines may result in your ad being removed.

These guidelines will allow anyone to freely advertise a game server while helping us maintain a baseline level of quality in the ads we allow. These requirements and guidelines may change from time to time. Please re-check these guidelines regularly if you are actively maintaining a game server advertisement.

While RF-Dev's main focus will always be RF,  we realize most developers including myself tend to work on a variety of games. Advertisements for other games are also allowed here as long as all ad requirements are met.

Respond to this thread or send me a private message if you have any questions.


Required Information

The following information is required somewhere in your ad.

  1. Server Name
  2. Website, registration, and game client download URLs
  3. Datacenter Location & Server Timezone
  4. Experience Rates
  5. Main Server Language (English, Russian, etc)
  6. Server Age (amount of time your server has been running without a wipe)


This is only the bare minimum we require in your ad. Feel free to include as much other information as you like. Some common things to include are:

  • Maximum level in-game
  • Update interval (how often you update your server with new content)
  • Average amount of players online
  • Special event information
  • Any other important server information your players need to be aware of


Advertisement Guidelines

  1. Do not post an ad for a server you do not own or work for. Only server owners or the server's staff and/or team members are permitted to post ads.
  2. You are required to keep your ad up to date with recent news and other relevant information about your server. Double posting is allowed for the server's staff as long as you are updating your thread with new information about your server.
  3. You are required to support RF-Dev members with any questions about your server via your ad thread. Please try to address any questions on your ad within 24 hours. Check your ad daily with your usual server upkeep tasks.
  4. Avoid excessive screenshots and videos. Media distracts from the information in your ad most users want to see. You are free to include media but please try to keep it limited. We recommend no more than one video and five screenshots.

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