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Useful Queries For RF Online

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Creadit : Roslaw, Novanakal, PrinceRay  and People For Create this Query

[Feature] : 

- Bank 7 Slot [Just Execute no Need Drop table Manual]
- Banned User
- Change Job
- Change Race
- Change Council
- Change GM Account Password
- Create GM Account
- Create User Account
- Disable Mail
- Disable Action
- Find Bank Pass
- Insert Premium and Cash
- Move Character to Another Account
- tbl_general(PT-GM,MaxLvl 66, Bag 5, Loss Quest, Disable Master Skill) [Just Execute no Need Drop table Manual]
- View Staff [GM]
- Vote Archon Trigger



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UPDATE tbl_base set Lv='1'

I wanna to ask.. just my simple analogy
using this query, is it lowering the level on the player? and there is an error with this query?
I'm a little worried about using this query..

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6 hours ago, noobita said:

I wonder if rebirth system can be done through sql query?.. if it does can someone give me a clue or simply just release any existing file for it?..

Thanks in advance..

rebirth like what ?

feel free to ask anything, but everything has a price

W W W . H E A V E N - G A M I N G . O R G

everything has a price to be paid, but not always in terms of money


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