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How to make an EDF tool (DAT to EDF / EDF to DAT)

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A person messaged me asking for a guide to make their own EDF to DAT and back tool. I figured might of well just put it in the guide section as hopefully there are more people actually interested in writing code themselves.

The basic process of the making the file comes down to knowing how to work with a math term known as XOR.

The very first part of rf obfuscated filetypes is the password to use on the rest of the file.

In C# here is an example of using Xor:

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data refers to all the values that come after the key.

After calling EncryptData the data will be ready to be written out as a .dat file or any other file type /use it internally in your own program. 
To make an EDF again write the key first then the data after it has been re XORed.  

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