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Cannot spawn items

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I have installed rf online server following multiple tutorials in the internet (including the one on this site) and I came across a problem that I can't solve.
I cannot perform several commands with GM account including item spawning. However I can spawn monsters and set level so some commands do work.

I have an accound with following attributes:

Serial	ID	PW	Grade	Depart	RealName	LastConnIP	CreateDT	LastLoginDT	LastLogoffDT	TotalLogMin	SubGrade	ExpireDT	ComClass	BirthDay
2000000001	0x2174657374000000000000000000000000	0x746573740000000000000000000000000000000000000000	2	none	name	0               	2021-10-08 09:59:12.313	1900-01-01 00:00:00.000	2021-10-08 14:06:45.980	0	2	2021-11-08 09:59:12.313	GM	None      

where ID is !test

So I found out that to be able to spawn item you need to have your account to be listed in Login_Filter_Dev.ini:

FilterNum = 1
Filter0 =
FilterRange0 = 255

FilterNum = 1
Filter0 = !test


And for me it seems like no enough. I still can't spawn items. Can someone help me to find out what is a reason? I still do get a "Command" error.
If you need me to attach something important just ask

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26 minutes ago, Wade said:

Change grade and subgrade values from 2 to 4 restart server try again.

Now I cannot write announcements AND still cannot spawn items 

25 minutes ago, pasha said:

set WorldInfo.ini ReleaseType=Release


if you use a default zone you need a strs to change and enable gm command

ReleaseType is already set to be "Release".
What do you meen by "strs" and are there any instructions? Because I do use default zone.

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41 minutes ago, pasha said:

look for gm command and change the value


I don't get it. It seems like you can change name of the command. But I don't see anything that is responsible for enabling command

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