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Hello RF-Dev community,all right?
I've been a member of the community for a long time and in that time I've been acquiring tools made available by members here in the community and I felt like giving feedback on the tools/server I used during that time.
I will take into account:
Tool functionality 🛠️
developer support 🙋
delay in support/bugs fix 🐞
price 💰

Remembering this is my feedback, you may think differently from mine! feel free to comment on your experience!

Odin Protect: http://odin-secure.com/
Owner: @FelixBeta

Tool functionality:
A great protection option for those starting out in the world of rf dev.
is a simple protection and very explanatory to use.
well organized and with great functions for various types of server, be it RPG or PVP!
I feel that it still has few modules to use, I believe it is because the owner is very strict with the stability of the protection. with constant updates I believe that more modules will always be released, even because it is a new protection on the market compared to others that have been around for a long time!

Developer Support:
The protection owner provides very good support, I already use 2 other protections that are very common on the market and for me the best support I received was from Odin!

Delay in support/bugs fix:
I haven't had issues that I can call a big bug or a big problem with this protection.
when I reported a small bug in a game item it was fixed in 1 day with a new update.

I think it's an acceptable price to pay, even because you only pay 1 time to get protection and always have updates. you have a small monthly fee to keep your protection active, but that's only if you're using it!
also offers free trial if you are really interested in getting it!

ExDeus Website/gamecp: https://exdeus.dev/
Owner: @DeusEx

Tool /service functionality:

A great site best of all that is linked with the game cp game.
it's very stable and fast!
the developer provides a host for you along with the package, that's very good too!
many options of modules and you can customize to your liking or how you want it to work!
you also have the option to edit your website as you like.

Developer Support:
Great support and service, with a small delay to respond sometimes (maybe because of the time difference) or even something in real life.
has a lot of knowledge about RF online, we can see it right here on the forum, with the best ranking

Delay in support/bugs fix:
I've never had any problems with bugs, so I have nothing to report about the delay in fixing something

I think it could have a more affordable price on modules, even though they are unique and well-developed modules.

SimpleDream Launncher: https://discord.gg/NXs3Z73sJT
Owner: @SimpleDream

Tool /service functionality:

A good launcher, but I think the designers offered by the developer are very beautiful.
it is possible for you to send your own designer for him to make your taste.
maybe compressing the files in the update would make the update faster for players.
great functions like ping check, one click login and create account function directly in the launcher ( these functions are really good )

Developer Support:
When the launcher is delivered it works perfectly, it doesn't need a lot of support from the developer, it's very simple to use too!
to purchase a launcher, the answer is very fast.

Delay in support/bugs fix:
A little delay to fix a bug I had regarding the premium account, but it was fixed in some updates.
nothing more to report.
Request: add the disconnect function when there is already a player connected to the account

I think it's an affordable price if you're going to make a big server, for smaller projects you can find simple and cheaper launchers.
Without all the functions that SimpleDream launcher offers of course!
it also provides a Free version.

i think that's it, sorry for bad english.
remembering these are my feedback and you can have another thought in relation to that!

das macht spass

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Thanks for feedback!

About Requests:
Request: add the disconnect function when there is already a player connected to the account.
- Is fixed in last version of launcher if you have any problems with this write to me in my discord.
Maybe compressing the files in the update would make the update faster for players.
- As I finish with a lot of new modules added, I will definitely take care of this.
- If for someone the price is high, then there is special services Payment by installments: splitting the payment into parts. 

My Discord: Simple Dream#2051

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