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Fatal error when trying to convert itemtotxt.php

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This error come when i'm trying to extract Item.dat edf decrypted to txt using TriRozhka 2.8 Parser Clean Repack [English]


1. Error notice


2. Line 123.


3. And i've been try to set this memory to 1024M and it still fail.


Here's the file, it's DataTable (Client Side): https://ufile.io/36zuc28j

I've been trying to decompile using his trial tool too but always force close when trying to decompile Item.edf - BulletItem and NDItem.edf - Description

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It is certainly a memory limit issue. Make a PHP script with the following code:



Run it, then check Loaded Configuration Path in the page output. You should see a path to your current php.ini file. The path varies by OS and webserver configuration.

Open the php.ini file in Notepad++, search for memory_limit, then increase the raw value there. Save the file and then fully restart your webserver.

This should fix it for you. Some webserver configurations do not allow overriding the memory limit within the script.


Ignore the information below if you are hosting locally or on your own server. This only applies if you are using a paid remote web hosting provider without root or administrative user access.

If you are hosting at a remote provider, your account may have limits that you cannot change. Check your control panel to see if they offer PHP.ini adjustment. If not, you would need to contact them to raise the PHP memory limit for your account. If they don't offer it within your control panel they likely do not allow increasing it.

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