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RF-Dev GameCP Announcement

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Welcome to the RF-Dev GameCP!

This project was originally started in early 2020. It was pushed back in favor of RF Community. Those who were around RFC will notice the GameCP looks familiar.

The website we used for RFC was actually the GameCP we were developing a year ago. We simply repurposed it for RFC with some adjustments where needed. With RFC behind us, we have dedicated time back to our original plans of finishing our first product.

Our goal is to create a high quality RF Online toolkit, starting with the essentials first. We are looking not just at how administrators manage their servers but also how players interact with the server. We are accounting for the entire user and staff experience from start to finish and building from the ground up.

Today we are excited to publicly share a few features so you can get an idea of what we are going for. At the end I'll discuss more about our goals and what to expect from here.


GameCP Feature Overview


Logged in players will see the Game Dashboard on the home page. The Game Dashboard shows various elements about the game and the user's characters.

Each character is displayed in its own tab. Each tab details various information including overall server rank and currently equipped gear. Hovering over the item icons shows detailed item stats.

Icon and item details are generated through what we currently call RF Reader. RF Reader allows you to upload your raw server DAT files, and the GameCP will generate your game databases for you. We also have a data API which allows you to upload a raw sprite image file and allow the GameCP to extract its sprite sheets. The end result is a system that will react to any item customizations you make on your server.

Buddy and Guild tabs display characters on the user's Buddy and Guild list. The character online status is displayed, and clicking a character name brings you through to their public player profile.

You can also login to the GameCP without needing to access the game first. ;)




Character Profiles

Clicking the name of another character will bring you to the character's public profile. This allows you to view other players' ranks and equipped gear the same as your own.

A Report button is available if you are logged in and the player you are viewing is under another account. Clicking Report allows you to report another player for specific behavior as outlined in a customizable list of report reasons. This funnels into the built-in support ticket system.



Guild Profiles

As with Characters, Guilds also have a dedicated section. Clicking a guild name takes you to their public guild profile.

The Guild Notice is only displayed if you have a character under your account that is within the guild.



Hall of Fame & Game Stats

The typical Hall of Fame and other stats pages are present. We will implement more advanced stats pages over time. They haven't been a priority, but we did want to at least simulate what other solutions provide.

The top 10 players of each race are highlighted, and clicking their names brings you to their public profiles.  



System Settings

Administrators will have full control over all aspects of the system via the built-in administrative panel.

Current options include maintenance mode, which allows an owner to toggle public access to the system. Logging in with an administrative user will override the block and allow full access.

Open Registration enables and disables player registration in case you want to expose the GameCP without allowing players to register yet.

Require Game Keys enables the Game Key system, and allows an owner to provide players with game keys. A game key is then required to register an account. Game Keys can be given out through any means you desire to help promote your server. The system automatically handles assigning a key to a user and preventing its reuse.

Other options are available such as wiping and system resets. Many more options are coming in the future.



PlayRF Involvement

We need a production environment to properly understand the needs and desires of both administrators and players. Our team has vast RF experience, but admittedly it has been some time since we have ran a server of our own. We need realistic game data to develop more advanced features with, and the best way to do this is to use a real server with real players.

Working with another server isn't ideal as we don't have the direct control over the game we would need to test various features. We would be rather limited in the flexibility of what we could try out. We decided that in order to push the boundaries of what people expect from our tools, we need to not be limited in what we can explore.

PlayRF is our solution to these problems. We will be running PlayRF as a our primary production environment utilizing our tools. Everything we create for PlayRF will be shared or released to the community in some fashion, be it a free or paid releases. We will be offering a combination of both to suit everyone.

Since PlayRF is directly helping us reach our product release goals, our focus will not be on monetization of the server. As such we will not be running a cash shop in the traditional sense. Many features of the game are designed around dependence on the cash shop. Instead of following this model, these typical cash shop items will be changed to be obtainable within normal gameplay, and in some cases we will remove some items entirely and implement these bonuses back into the core game.

Any monetization will be limited to a possible level of premium service. If we decide to go that route, we will consult with the community to finalize the premium service parameters. We are not looking to make money with the server because our time investment will be recuperated later with our tools. We will never sell in-game items for real world money on PlayRF. We feel this will provide players a chance at helping build a very unique RF Online gaming community that doesn't revolve around purchasing of items with real money. Players who want to contribute can purchase the potential premium service or consider subscribing here at RF-Dev.


Release Plans

We do not currently have a release ETA. The GameCP will operate on PlayRF during our testing phases until we are confident it is production ready. We will then run it in production for a predetermined amount of time before making final plans for a release. Pricing and other information will be made available at that time.

We spent a lot of time focusing on the core so that we can implement new features in a very decoupled and modular fashion. This allows us to implement new features at a rapid pace.

Expect a rapid development cycle up to and after release. This is a product that will receive ongoing updates and continued support from our team, and something that will continue to evolve as we receive feedback.


Launcher & Updater

As an added bonus, our GameCP will also include a launcher that you will be able to customize from your admin panel. The launcher will react dynamically according to how you configure your GameCP. Admins will be able to download your pre-configured game launcher directly from your own GameCP.

We are also including a game file update system which will allow you to seamlessly manage your server updates and automatically deploy them to players. The update system will be integrated into our launcher and GameCP, and will be configured for you out of the box.


What's Next?

Our immediate short term focus is preparing PlayRF for our first testing phases. As PlayRF releases and our GameCP becomes stable, we will post more information about expected release date and pricing.

Stay tuned to the PlayRF Discord over the coming days for more information on how to participate in testing. Our products and latest features will hit PlayRF before they are announced on our website.

PlayRF Website: https://playrf.net

PlayRF Discord: https://discord.gg/fsX4qtHQ73


Supporting RF-Dev

Our Supporters have access to a development log thread within the Restricted Lounge. This thread contains more updates and progress that we aren't ready to fully reveal to the public yet.



Our Supporters will also receive discounts on our GameCP as well as all of our other upcoming products.

Become a Supporter by subscribing at https://rf-dev.net/subscriptions/

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  • Administrator
On 6/13/2021 at 4:47 AM, Scholar said:

this is a good design and fit panel look easy to manage 1 month subs can support to get this one?

Supporters will receive discounts on pricing once the GameCP is released. The exact pricing information is still TBD. I'll have more news on it as we get closer to release.

Becoming a Supporter now gives you the listed benefits and will allow you to see the development log, where I provide the latest updates in regards to how development is progressing. Subscribing doesn't give you any current direct access to the GameCP, however we will have a limited number of early test slots so you can potentially check out and use the GameCP prior to release.

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Just now, Dummo said:

but I'm asking for another mode of payment if they have cuz it directs me to Paypal which I have zero balance atm 


agreed paypal is the worst. its gone into politics in my country

With respect,


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