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[FREE FOR ALL] RFDevLauncher with Autoupdater[For Local and Public]

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Hello Guys, 

I had been working on a launcher even though i have 0 knowledge on coding or any language. 
I've been depending on rf-dev members and forums, and various sources as references to do simple tasks.

I've been looking for a launcher with updater , i know many others do too.

So i tried my best to use many resources and stuffs to combine it up for one launcher to use.
I know even though i didn't coded everything from scratch, i do hope that you guys can appreciate my dedication and time i spend ( i know for some it wont take much time, but someone with 0 knowledge like me its hard , so i hope you guys understand. )

Inside the File


Here are the screenshots for the launcher :




You can change the RFDev_Launcher.ini : login address, server address, Links to sign up and website.
You can change the Datatable>en-gb/ru-ru>RFDev_Launcher.ini : TEST LAUNCHER  ( ON TOP ), other label names

You can change RFDev_Updater.ini to your update files url.

Screen Shots for Patch Maker :


Select your Patch folder 
Wait for it to complete

Click Save and click okay.

It would automatically create an update folder on your exe folder
Copy the update folder and put on your website and put the link to RFDev_Updater.ini

Thanks, I hope this would be helpful for everyone.

Download : https://www.mediafire.com/file/2wr45sfwbf2ye0f/RFDevLauncherwithUpdater_DevCrime.rar/file
Pass : rf-dev.net

I don't know if i can improve this, but i am still digging inside google to improve something.

 @Dev Crime

Edited by Dev Crime
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18 minutes ago, chicosai said:

Thank you so much bro manju.. we will use your Launcher update

You're welcome, but its having RFDevLauncher name and logo on it tho, but yeah its good, atleast they can know about rf-dev.net ;) 

but how do you know my real name ? o.O 

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