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Offset to fix GM access backdoor

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Offset is designed to fixes backdoor as a unique password for GM accounts (uniq password - qnstlftlsrh!)
This affects the server of all versions
The main difficulty is to find out the gm account, but it's better to apply this patch

Offset for different versions servers:

For 215:
Change 0x75 to 0xEB

For 216:
Change 0x75 to 0xEB

For 223:
Change 0x75 to 0xEB

For 2232:
Change 0x75 to 0xEB

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It is just something CCR left over in the official server files. It's not really an exploit as much as it is a feature. No, they aren't very smart at all.

For some time this trick worked on official (with the same password!) but it's since been patched.

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