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Closing Program / Equip Item

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I have questions and queries about what to do so I hope someone can help me
1 - For some reason when I equip an item the game is closed to me
2 - When the game closes, there is no other way that I can run RFlauncher without running StartServer first (which I think is what should be done, run Startserver after all the programs run RFlauncher open)
3 - After the game ran the way I mentioned before, select the character you were testing with. The program closes for me (It doesn't close but a black screen appears, which I can hardly see a sign saying "Closing Program ") the only way I can test characters is by deleting the one I have already created or making a new one, sorry for my ignorance, but the characters created by GM cannot be used again? maybe it's that and i didn't know

4 - "Disconect From the server closing program" after spending a little time testing the character and then wanting to log in again without restarting the server tells me this "Login Invalid"

5 - Money and Gold: I can't add more than 2b of money and I can't add more than 500,000 of gold, where would I have and how to change the default value?

I hope someone can help me!
  Excuse my English, it's terrible

Thank you!

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Dinheiro e ouro: não posso adicionar mais de 2b de dinheiro e não posso adicionar mais de 500.000 de ouro, onde eu teria e como alterar o valor padrão?

Espero que alguém possa me ajudar!
  Com licença meu inglês é terrível

Obrigado! =/

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