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What files do i need to touch in order for me to edit those?


i already change max level in tbl_general

But when i use F.tools i can get level 75 in my normal char but cant log'in directly i need to apply fix using F.tools, after apply fix char can log-in with GM-PT/SKILLS even thou i did not touch any files yet just the sql query of max-lvl 66 but i edit it to 75,No Master Skills, Loss Quest, GM-PT/SKILLS..

And other thing if i put lvl76 above character cant log-in anymore and error waiting for server response..

is it good already i dont need to edit anything else?

i want to edit animus too

if you can tell me what files i need to touch to be able to make them work i'll do the rest..
im in but some guides are 2.2.3..

ohh when i edit my MasterySkills is it okay to edit the header to Level 76 and save, then i get last line offset and hex it, then after i get it i copy it and paste around 10 of the same last line i copied, then i open it in STRUCTORIAN then edit 65-below, is it a good then or bad? or should i really need to edit it 1 by 1 and save it 1 by 1?

please answer..


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