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RF Online Secure [Odin Secure][English/Russian]

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Name: Odin Secure Website: http://odin-secure.com/ Price: 300-500$ Payment: MoneyGram (low fee), Western Union (expensive). Unfortunatelly, my country does not support PayPal. Late

This zone security works great! Not to mention @FelixBeta is awesome with his English and the his support is superb! Definitely recommending it.

Delayed a bit, sorry :(


- Added TAB target mode. (Odin.ini, R3Engine.ini, Language/*.ini) (Activates with "]" keyboard button)
- Added Guild Point module with various methods to receive them.(Odin.ini, GuildPoint.ini) (Will be updated)
- Added visual effect for Pulse Charger ammo. ("[" keyboard button)
- Added Pit Boss list that won't be included in death announcement. (BossAnnouncement.ini)
- Added Gm command to add online player on archons spot. (GMCommand.ini)
- There is no need to adjust Animus,Mastery PT limit, Map count in offsets now, it does all automatically now. (Updated RemoteOffset.ini, ConstantManager.ini, removed various offsets/settings)
- Increased Welcome Window text size to 1024 characters.(Language/*.ini)
- Added Cheat Engine, Artmoney and process suspend logging on server side logs.
- Added dungeon owner teleport check.
- Optimized client secure functions.
- Optimized secure structure.
- Optimized Field of View setting algorithm. Recommended value 1.0, default flat view 0.6.
- Optimized Quest Mission module.
- Fixed SharePvP module.
- Fixed Chipwar Limit module.
- Fixed Potion System module.
- Fixed disconnect from server client crash.
- Updated update pack Information folder.

Possible issues:
- Tab Target may crash client. Collecting reports.


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- Added guild join cooldown system for Guild Point module. (GuildPoint.ini)
- Added character notification about guild join cooldown. (Language)
- Added new Fly Hack check algorithm.
- Added Pulse Charger aura display to other players.
- Added Pulse Charger attacks display to other players.
- Added ability to replace item loot name only for Pit Boss.(LootName.ini)
- Added hand mining tool level requirement display.
- Updated secure functions.
- Updated PlayerName module algorithm.
- Added slot check fix.
- Fixed chip deliver Guild Point crash.
- Fixed Guild Point module settlement owner guilds after server restart.
- Fixed character creation nickname check algorithm.
- Fixed module ini loading error description.
- Fixed Tab Target invisible player selection.
- Fixed Tab Target own guard tower selection.
- Fixed Tab Target enemy trap selection.
- Fixed server crash if no need map added in MapName and Language while killing pit boss.
- Disabled Pulse Charger usage in MAU.
- Removed Windows XP support due to possible compatibility issues.


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- Added BillingAgent module to control premium account expire. Experimental version.
- Added various client error logging.
- Added ability to auto loot in party when killing normal monsters
- Added ability to update SharePvP module multipliers via gm command.
- Added port flood settings.
- Added AccuracyItemEffect module effect multiplier.
- Added bank item check.
- Fixed Golden Box event.
- Fixed rune critical error in Pulse Charger module.
- Optimized server performance.
- Optimized Player Name module.
- Completely updated Pulse Charger effect managing system.
- Updated client secure.


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I have been using the protection for 7 months and I am very satisfied with it. besides having great modules and being a totally secure protection, the developer support is the best support I've ever had! definitely the best protection at the moment

das macht spass

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