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RF Online Secure [Odin Secure]

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Name: Odin Secure

Price: 300-500$

Latest Version: 02122019

Release Date: 15.11.2019

Discord Nickname: Felix(Beta)#2593  (id: 333655324642770944)


Greetings everyone! I would like to offer my secure for your RF Online server. Project name - Odin Secure.
For now, there is mostly server side stuff going on, but advancing server, client side and my own experience every day.
We have our own Discord group to discuss everything about project. There is still testing/developing period, so you can help with testing and polishing it! ;)

Basic License: 300$
License Type 2: 400$
License Type 3: 500$ (not yet ready)

Monthly fee: 10$

Secure details:

- Trade dupe fix
- Item trade check fix
- GvG Force Exit, member verification, Trap/Tower check fix
- Character creation name and invisible body fix
- GM Command fix
- Autominer crash fix
- Race Debuff fix
- Ore sell price fix
- Archon/Patriarch macro inject fix
- Archon/Patriarch chat inject fix
- Rename potion fix
- Recall potion guild room restrictions and check fix
- Summon/Teleport potion map level limit check fix
- Consumable potion fix
- Guild Manaing verification fix
- Attack/Skill delay fix
- Unit attack delay fix
- Siege attack delay fix
- Trap/Tower cheat spawn fix
- Trap check fix
- Emotions in siege kit/unit fix
- Teleport in battle mode fix
- Throw item on the ground fix
- Exchange item fix
- Set item fix
- Speed hack fix
- Wall hack fix
- Fly hack fix
- Character position fix
- Auction House fix
- Premium item fix
- Weapon ammo check fix
- NPC store fix
- Player hiding fix
- Guild Room teleportation check fix
- Ore mining fix
- NPC quest fix
- Inventory check fix
- Bank check fix

- Constant manager (various RF Online settings)
- Remote Offset (remote RF_Online.bin offsets changer)
- Chat log
- Loot name replace
- Loot to different currency exchanger
- Guild Manage setting module / GvG for dalant
- Election system settings and fixes
- Item upgrade chances
- Boss respawn control
- Boss spawn and death announcement
- NPC buffer
- Client zoom distance (R3Engine.ini setting)
- Potion module
- Boss loot radius and delayed pick up

Premium module (type 2):
- Auto loot
- Map buff module
- Top 5 guild bonus

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