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Found 6 results

  1. Structures needed to edit a quest.edf on the client side. I hope they help you =) . Credits: Unknown - Create strs QuestClient2232.strs QuestClient223.strs
  2. Hi everyone, Newbie here Server Details Server Files (RF Online Server Files - Version, Golden Age) Client: PlayRF 2232 (from here https://rf-dev.net/topic/542-rf-online-game-client-version-2232-golden-age-global-ccr-playrf/) Just learned how to edit the item loots Now my problem is that when combining talics and gold catalyst I get "Incorrect Combination" Anyone know how to fixed this? FYI I've been working on this server for 4days and was google all the time ? (Please don't flame me) Thank you in advance.
  3. DroneInTheSky

    Help CSP ( Control Server Panel ) Eror

    Hello Sir, I Need Help for my server, i need input reward but my Control Panel Eror and not working for me i see and i find notice eror.. im follow guide from here how to find password and id control server and i find with UltraEdit, Not Respon Server Panel Why ? ID 1 ID : ccradmin PW : skfkrnd** ID 2 id : ccradminid pw : snrnsis** Notice Eror : - PaimonCharacter.dat - UpperItem.dat Help me fix my control panel, Check My Screenshoot 1. https://imgur.com/pxhRsxn 2. https://imgur.com/VXeDh3e
  4. CheezyDibbIes

    I want to learn!

    Hello all!. I am a rf player for a very long time now(since the beginning of rf) and im planning to make my own game based on rf which i wanna put it on mobile. but as of now i wanna learn how to edit 3d model, change texture, change effects, map editing, tools to use for 3d model editing, texture,effects. what file type does the 3d model,texture and effects are. can it be use to convert to blender/unity or other platform. and where do i start? i really wanna learn this i hope anyone can help me. (sorry i make mistake on my grammars ?) so short questions: : What tools to use for 3d modeling, texture editing, effects manipulation, and file conversion? : Can the files be imported from other platform/program like Blender or Unity? : Where do i start to learn? Thanks a lot for replies. I've been a fan of this game and i want to expand its concept to mobile or even the game itself.
  5. Hello community! ? I want to create the most complete online database of RF Online. With all the information and links from any item or mob to everything connected with it. Also on this resource, server administrators will be able to register and post guides of their server and set the rates of their server, which at the output will give the correct data for all items and mobs. (It’s possible except drop, but this is not certain). In this regard, I have questions: Is there any tool that allows you to translate .dat files directly to sql or, as a last resort, to excel. (Yes, I know that through "010 Editor" you can convert to excel, but for him to do it correctly, you need to do a lot of actions before that, but unfortunately I do not have much free time) Maybe there are already merged bases of the type as on this site: https://info.cerberus-games.com/main/mob/00001
  6. mon0127

    I want to make a quest(55lv).

    I want to make a quest(55lv). I want to make up for the item. Therefore, they are requested to share videos or documents. The condition of catching the monster you want or eating the item you want. -----------------I need your help.
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