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Found 19 results

  1. hello I have a problem, I can change the weapon icon. but, I can't change the appearance of weapons in characters. I can't find a model that must be input to item.dat, how do I find the code? please help me so I can use it Sorry my English is bad
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is the one i used on bot of my servers (RF Battlefront) - some of you may have used it. It is built for 223 - so you need to upgrade it's queries etc to work with 2232. It uses parameterised queries, so no injections. It was developed on PHP 5.6. Requires php_sqlsrv php module - and you likely may need to install SQL driver on windows. All the sql queries are included - also the BILLING db backup used with the gamecp on 223. The conf file is in the conf folder (superadmin user, db names, login info). I do not have full 223 db setup at this point to make any more screenshots. However some of the features you can roughly see on the screenshot of the modules folder. It has a ticket system, dual currency dual cash shop (like normal and guild cash shop) with a checkout basket. Various search and edit features, premium service support (db must support it), logs etc. PS!!! This is not a "guide" or a beginner friendly release - it requires some skills to get it properly running - i will not be fixing any bugs or adding any features to this. This was originally based off some aaron gamecp leak (few pieces still remain), built by me and GMoney - i have since further developed it with a number of extra features as i used it for my servers. More screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/RvuaTCZ
  3. PrinceRay

    RF Auto Update Maker

    Version 1.0.0


    Generator for Update Maker (C) 2007 NiTr0
  4. DeusEx

    Bypass RF Intro/Prologue Movie

    i think someone from other planet want to bypass the RF Intro Movie, usually we press escape button for bypassing them. So there's a way to bypassing them without pressing any key at start game. How to: Open RF Folder > DataTable > en-gb ( you can select your rf language, example US // en-gb) Open CcrLogo.dat with Notepad++ Copy from code below and paste into CcrLogo.dat file Save. [PlayAvi] Logo=./ PlayedNum= 4 Play0=./ Play1=./ Play2=./ Play3=./
  5. Freedom

    Corfokit RF tool 223

    so i noticed that no ones posted this here yet so i will. Side note if anyone has the 2232 template for this by chance post a link for others and myself please. as im just now coming back to RF and wanting to run a 2232 server. run down of tool. dat editor with build-in server to client converter. easy to use tool that also includes a feature for adding lines. So far ive never had problems with this tool adding white space when adding new lines and data so. Tool was made by Fish when he was doing RF-Tomato this does come with the 223 template. ive tried contacting Fish over the years about a 2232 template for this to no avail since i know for a fact that this is the tool that he used to import all of 2232 into his 223 server at the time. Download
  6. ForD

    WebServer UwAmp

    Version 3.1.0 Edit RFOnline


    Without installationUwAmp is available as a Zip archive, just unpack it and you can run the wamp server. Easy interfaceUwAmp is provided with a management interface that lets you start or stop the server with one click. Multi PHP VersionChange PHP version in one click and download new PHP version directly from php.net repository. CPU MonitoringReal time Apache and MySQL process CPU monitoring. U3 ModeCan be run from a USB stick.
  7. You can download this document here: https://mega.nz/#!rVtXSCiA!B5NyrbFzgL6R7o8AQahpoPz7OLE7l7YwlGOSw5WtvRM Copyright inside document. If you had any trouble just post it here.
  8. just some release from my archive. Tools: Tmp files maker PatchInfo.z generator Video guide: Click here (sorry for my bad english :))
  9. Structures needed to edit a quest.edf on the client side. I hope they help you =) . Credits: Unknown - Create strs QuestClient2232.strs QuestClient223.strs
  10. PrinceRay

    223 And 2232 Item Codes

    This Is Full Codes Of Item List in RF Online Version 223 & 2232 Item Type Tables : Update : 223_Item_Codes 223_Item_SQL_Codes 2232_Item_Codes 2232_Item_SQL_Codes Converted using my own Converter.
  11. Full server files for RF Online version 2.2.3 - Bellato Strikes Back. These should be mostly untouched files, reuploaded from my backups. Download: https://mega.nz/#!b9xhnQoZ!G32mouit-XOzYKMeJQ_t-cXsZagKfAXV12icuaXQ818
  12. Update 5/3/2018 I've compiled a launcher that is ready to go for local testing use. This launcher will allow you to easily bypass the update emulator required by the official game launcher. This launcher connects to only. Compile from source to use a different IP. Copy RFLauncher.exe to your client, enter your account information, then click Start Game. RFLauncher Binary Download: https://mega.nz/#!2ow0AAJY!dO7ns7tGuYiUVtnsaNcSPJpuJcroNLiVMu9yyMO445g Original Post 9/11/2017 This is a developer friendly launcher designed for 2.2.3. Using this launcher, you can avoid having to set up the legacy update emulators to make the default RF launcher work properly... which is known to be quite a tedious and insecure process. You will be happy to know that this is a full source code release, not just a binary release. I am freely releasing the source as this was a minimal effort project, and I think this is a big step in helping people learn how to make your own game launchers. I left the application very "whitelabel" so you can easily adapt this for your own purposes. That being said, you will need to know some programming and have experience with Visual Studio to utilize these files. The project was developed in Visual Studio 2017 Community using C# .NET. I hope the community finds this release useful. Remember to press thanks/like to show support for future projects. Download RFLauncher.7z Configuration Information Reference RF.cs for information on how this all works. Search for the following code in RF.cs to adjust server connection settings for remote servers. Default settings are for local environments. // Connection settings. Adjust as needed this.IP = ""; this.Port = 10001; // runs the game LaunchGame(); Known Issues On the first connection attempted, error code #4 can be thrown. Login appears to work fine afterwards so this was considered a non-issue for the purposes of this launcher. I may re-visit this and fix it at a later time but for now I'm happy with the results. Screenshots
  13. I found another game cp from russian forum, but i can't translate it. maybe someone can translate and fix the the missing script. *maybe it work to ver GM Admin Panel - Download Here! Uploader: FlyGirl (Zaglumilo)
  14. This sound optimization pack includes fully optimized sound files. Overall I have saved 815mb in versions 2.2.3+ by optimizing the sound files. This mainly involved converting the .wav files over to .mp3, while also reducing bitrate. WAV is a lossless audio format which uses a significant amount of disk space. MP3 files can compress this data a bit and save a lot of space from a straight conversion alone. In addition, MP3 bitrate was optimized for maximum saved space with zero audio quality loss. Some sound files had their sizes decreased by over 1,100%! As a side bonus, this also included setting the .avi CCR video files to 0kb so they are skipped in the initial client start-up. This saves a few seconds while getting in-game. Include these optimized sound packs in your client to reduce the total download size for your players by over 800mb. Thank us by liking this post and supporting RF-Dev. Don't see your client listed? Send me a link to your complete /Snd folder and I'll optimize the full folder for you, while listing it here for others to download as well. Help us make a complete list for all clients! Sound Packs 2.2.3 Sound Pack Download (164mb) Sound Pack Download (180mb) 1.5b Sound Pack Download (317mb) - Uploaded by @Martin Instructions: Simply extract the files and replace your entire /Snd folder in your game client with our files. This will save you a significant amount of disk space in your client folder, decreasing the overall download size for your players. Stock Snd folders are over 1.0GB! Before: After:
  15. Dev Crime

    3rd Job 223

    I think someone would love to have it ! 3rd Job for 223 servers My first post here tho. Download the files You can either use this zone and bin, If you'd like to use your own bin, You can either use strs or follow Tutorial of msd_18 Thanks. Credits #Crimeforsavingthefiles #Power-Devforsendingmethefiles-3-4yearsago I just found on my HDD so i thought simply put it here. 3rd_Job_223.rar
  16. PrinceRay

    RF SetItemEffect Stealer

    This tools is for SetEffect Client Side, if you interested with others Client SetEffect, just steal it Converter From Client Files To Server Side RF Version : 2.2.3 BSB || Golden Update How To Use : Put ItemSetEffect.dat to Input Folder, After That Open SetEffectStealer.exe Wait A few seconds, and see Folder Output You'll See SetItemEff.dat Server Side Done Version 1 - Public Release - Tested on 2232 Note : Only Work For 64Bit Windows. This tools fast coding release, so doesn't have error handler DOWNLOADS HERE || DOWNLOADS HERE
  17. Ron

    Create Player Account

    Queries to create player accounts. ------------------------------------- -- For clean databases ------------------------------------- -- Version: 2.2.3, INSERT INTO dbo.tbl_rfaccount (id, password, accounttype, birthdate) VALUES (CONVERT(binary, 'test'), CONVERT(binary, 'test'), 0, '1970-01-01 00:00:00'); ------------------------------------- -- For databases with GameCP 'email' column ------------------------------------- -- Version: 2.2.3, INSERT INTO dbo.tbl_rfaccount (id, password, birthdate, Email) VALUES (CONVERT(binary, 'USERNAME_HERE'), CONVERT(binary, 'PASSWORD_HERE'), '1970-01-01 00:00:00', '[email protected]'); -- Version: 2.1.6, 2.1.5, possibly earlier INSERT INTO dbo.tbl_LUAccount (id, password, birthdate, Email) VALUES (CONVERT(binary, 'USERNAME_HERE'), CONVERT(binary, 'PASSWORD_HERE'), '1970-01-01 00:00:00', '[email protected]');
  18. These files allow you to emulate the updater functions for some RF launchers. This is required to make some newer RF launchers work, because the server connection information is sent via the updater functions. Another one from the RF-Dev archive so no documentation or credits that I am aware of. If someone knows the original creator of this please let me know. WARNING: This method is old and is generally insecure. It is strongly recommended to not use these files on a production environment, or at least on a separate box than your main RF server. We've re-posted this primarily for learning purposes. Developers can use the information in this archive to build their own CCR update emulator, or bypass the requirement entirely with a custom launcher. Download: https://mega.nz/#!b14mzLrY!xyG9xJXGu64oT9dYQr9_yYz67Oal05Tg8GR5-1XITcg
  19. this was a launcher web emulator i had created for me due to the slow loris vulnerability in Apache with the old style version. RF WebEmulator.7z