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Found 139 results

  1. TriRozhka released his work for free. You can edit things much more faster than structorian Download : https://mega.nz/#!TXI2iAbZ!ap_j0G_SMtdEl4A09O6dHFASc9eg9d-DRIbRhuiAB_M ( original work russian language ) His statement : http://dev.trirozhka.ru/showpost.php?p=54&postcount=3 English language pack : https://mega.nz/#!rfo1laTC!VQpVKkfmuJFbnqTsRac-H_dNOwKZK6K--1LY_6vYBw4 ( english version made by Killerwoody and Freedom ) Tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BFVx4QsQNI
  2. I decided to share a method of changing the start location for the newly created characters. In this video, you can see how the character is created and appears not in the usual starting location.(clickable) Here is the code to embed into your security system / modules: CMapData* CMapOperation::GetPosStartMap(char byRaceCode, bool bRand, float *pfoutPos) { CMapData *result; CMapData* pMapData; int pPos = -1; switch (byRaceCode) { case 0: {pPos = 0; break; } case 1: {pPos = 1; break; } case 2: {pPos = 2; break; } } if (!bRand) { pMapData = GetStartMap(byRaceCode); if (pMapData->GetRandPosInDummy(pMapData->m_pStartDummy[0].m_pDumPos, pfoutPos, 1)) { result = pMapData; } else { result = 0i64; } } else { pMapData = GetStartMapEx(byRaceCode); if (pMapData->GetRandPosInDummy(pMapData->m_pStartDummy[pPos].m_pDumPos, pfoutPos, 1)) { result = pMapData; } else { result = 0i64; } } if (!pMapData) { return 0i64; } return result; } CMapData * CMapOperation::GetStartMapEx(char byRaceCode) { _map_fld *pMap_fld; int nMapRecordNum = m_tblMapData.GetRecordNum(); for (int dwIndex = 0; dwIndex < nMapRecordNum; ++dwIndex) { pMap_fld = m_tblMapData.GetRecord(dwIndex); if (pMap_fld->m_dwIndex == g_ModOptional->nMapIndex_StartLoc) { return &m_Map[dwIndex]; } } return 0i64; } CMapData *CMapOperation::GetStartMap(char byRaceCode) { _map_fld *pMap_fld; int nMapRecordNum = m_tblMapData.GetRecordNum(); for (int dwIndex = 0; dwIndex < nMapRecordNum; ++dwIndex) { pMap_fld = m_tblMapData.GetRecord(dwIndex); if (pMap_fld->m_nRaceVillageCode == (unsigned __int8)byRaceCode) return &this->m_Map[dwIndex]; } return 0i64; } You must intercept at this address: 0x00000001400137A0
  3. Hi! I am currently having this problem. The moment I open the launcher to try to log in, it gets stuck in downloading patch info. Also, a file appears when the launcher opens, serverconfig.dat (which is showing OLD IPs from a previous configuration I had. It somehow isnt updating that file. - I have used the search options in the forum. Searched every post and found no answer. - I have reinstalled appserv and emulator files several times. - I've changed IPs in Launcher several times, from scratch. - I have thoroughly checked the emulator settings, changing EVERY IP in the ini and dat to the new one im using. (update.dll, LPServer, serverconfig.dat, etc). - Launcher works in local mode ( but not using public IP. (I'm able to login normally and have no issues). I know for a fact that ServerConfig.dat from the emulator is updated to the new IPs and yet the launcher seems to download an old version of the file that no longer exists. (serverconfig.dat with old IP). Does the launcher use some time of CACHE where it stores this old file? Thanks in advance!
  4. How do I reward players through in-game mail? Like sending all online players an item as a reward or as an event?
  5. Update 5/3/2018 I've compiled a launcher that is ready to go for local testing use. This launcher will allow you to easily bypass the update emulator required by the official game launcher. This launcher connects to only. Compile from source to use a different IP. Copy RFLauncher.exe to your client, enter your account information, then click Start Game. RFLauncher Binary Download: https://mega.nz/#!2ow0AAJY!dO7ns7tGuYiUVtnsaNcSPJpuJcroNLiVMu9yyMO445g Original Post 9/11/2017 This is a developer friendly launcher designed for 2.2.3. Using this launcher, you can avoid having to set up the legacy update emulators to make the default RF launcher work properly... which is known to be quite a tedious and insecure process. You will be happy to know that this is a full source code release, not just a binary release. I am freely releasing the source as this was a minimal effort project, and I think this is a big step in helping people learn how to make your own game launchers. I left the application very "whitelabel" so you can easily adapt this for your own purposes. That being said, you will need to know some programming and have experience with Visual Studio to utilize these files. The project was developed in Visual Studio 2017 Community using C# .NET. I hope the community finds this release useful. Remember to press thanks/like to show support for future projects. Download RFLauncher.7z Configuration Information Reference RF.cs for information on how this all works. Search for the following code in RF.cs to adjust server connection settings for remote servers. Default settings are for local environments. // Connection settings. Adjust as needed this.IP = ""; this.Port = 10001; // runs the game LaunchGame(); Known Issues On the first connection attempted, error code #4 can be thrown. Login appears to work fine afterwards so this was considered a non-issue for the purposes of this launcher. I may re-visit this and fix it at a later time but for now I'm happy with the results. Screenshots
  6. In client for 2232 has a problem with displaying hunter points This patch list(in attachments = list with patching record.txt) solves this problem. Format record: file offset: value before -> value after ========== Util for apply this fix(in attachments = RFPointPatcher.rar) -h description -on apply changes -off rollback changes (checks only the length of the file, if not equal to 7590912 nothing will be done) It is better to run this: RFPointPatcher.exe -on > log.txt (c) AliceNoretti list with patching record.txt RFPointPatcher.rar
  7. Main list of fixed bugs: Fixed coordinate dup Fixed dup through trade Fixed auction Fixed mail Fixed dup box Fixed dup quests Fixed dup of money Fixed overdamage for melee Fixed overdamage through set item effects Fixed overdamage through a double potion Fixed overdamage through potion removal races debuff Fixed overflow pvp point through 11 players Fixed overflow PC through guild war (you can't kick out player during guild war) Fixed lossless transmission PC in the same race Fixed lossless transmission PC through mines Fixed coordinates of the turrets and mines Fixed teleport to the guild hall Fixed teleport to the starting point Fixed teleport in combat mode Fixed GM command Fixed speed/fly/wall hack Fixed control the use of buffs / skills in siege mode Fixed anti-invisible property and detection mines Fixed use of two potion with the same properties Fixed issuance of premium items Fixed voting + added the ability to hide the sheet with votes, or interest on the list Fixed transfers items between races through the bank Fixed control of delay attacks, incl. magic spell (not to be confused with ASPD) Fixed radius buff/debuff Fixed creation of invisible characters Fixed jumping into the siege kit Fixed sql injection Fixed various server crash dump Fixed of eternal chip hunter effect Fixed character rollback via NpcData Main list of addons: Disabling the licensing system Patching zoneserver through config file Adjustment of stone hp display settings Auto-exchange loot for currency Replace name loot Adjustment radius of drop loot Adjustment enchant chances for item Periodic ads Logging chat Alter exp in MAU New effect for potion Bonus for new player Formula for calculating protection Link to repository Download link to release v1.2 in binaries Download link to release v1.2 in source code
  8. Hi Guys, Kindly i would like to ask which file to edit to lower the level requirement to gain exp from a monster. Im trying to edit naroom captain, the current level required to get exp is 56 and i want to make it 52. Thanks so much in advance.
  9. Hi guys, now ill share cash shop files and working good. Maybe outhere there is many server files but didn't match to your current client. This files include server dan client file, also query to add cash coin manually. You can using your own app to add premium service and cash coin. Tested on server. SQL Query Or DB source RusBill, ZoneServer set to RU Credit: Roslaw (sql query) Working Cash Coin File.rar
  10. more people confusing about can't login with Normal Account caused using unfixed DB or wrong procedure. with my kindly heart i'll share the db that not need to reconfigure. Files: BILLING.bak RF_User.bak RF_World.bak i forgot about the credit/owner of the files, if someone know please pm me (uploading from my backup folder) Database - tbl_rfaccount.7z
  11. Hi. Cerberus-games (you know us as Gamesprotect or Cerberus) looking for comunity manager to our servers, that we planing to open in Indonesia and China (1 manager for each country). The main task for managers is to create game concept document and comunication(support, feedbacks) with players on forum and Facebook group.
  12. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    [HELP] Problem with gold box mining! Yorozuya

    Hello friends, how are you? hope so! I am working on Yorozuya protection, putting new modules etc, but so far I have realized that any version I compile, even using the ones that are already ready, the gold boxes we receive in mining do not work! I tried with other protections, all of them this function works, but when I put Yorozuya the error begins! I can mine them, but I can not open the box because of a bizarre mistake! follow the images below! I hope someone can help in this problem and solve other users, soon I will post a new version of Yorozuya with new modules! (With Yorozuya) - https://prnt.sc/mykl7n Error related to item: Unidentified error (12) (With Other Protection) - https://prnt.sc/myklle (With Other Protection) - https://prnt.sc/myklxt Tks for all!
  13. Wade

    Game Guard Free Source Code

    This gameguard originally made for mu online but they are pretty much all the same so you can use this for rf online too. The reason i put this here because i see so many servers are running without any protection. So this work is simple yet it can prevent baby hackers from using hack tools. Codex V5 by VertexBrasil Features: - Easy ON/OFF switch to all features on START.cpp - Splash Screen on start. - Hack detect splash screen = english, portuguese, silent, Message with hack name that was detected, browser website that register user IP - Server name easy configuration for all splash messages - Hack detect Log generation = Gameguard/Log.txt (For configuration purposes only) ========================================= Hack detection: - WN-Scan - Window Title scan. This one close Game window. - WN-Close - Same detection as WN-Scan (empty hack database). This one close hack window silently, if can't close hack window, close game. - CN-Scan - Class window scan close Game window - CN-Close - Same detection as CN-Scan (empty hack database), this one close Hack window silently, if can't close hack window, close game. - D-Scan - Dump - Entrypoint + 8 hex Dump - Feature to disable Windows Address space layout randomization (ASLR) included. And switch that add token privileges for Widnows XP, Detector works on Windows XP. - PID-Scan - Process ID - H-Scan - Heuristic - Bad Words - HW-Scan - Heuristic - Windowtext Bad Words, Detect any "bad word" on WindowName, object and parent. - HC-Scan - Heuristic - Classwindow Bad Words, Detect any "bad word" on WindowClass, detect any "generic" WindowsForms - HNC-Scan - Heuristic - Bad Words Non-case sensitive - HT-Scan - Hide tools - Detect generic Hide Tools like Cheat engine, Hide Toolz, etc. - VM-Scan - Virtual memory - Detect virtual memory block changes ========================================= Speed detection: - ST-Scan - Detect game speed and system freeze by Tickcount - SP-Scan - Detect game speed by hardware performance ========================================= Anti-Injection: - I-Scan - Detect dll injection using dll illegal names blacklist ========================================= Ban: - Hardware Ban (FTP) - Server side blacklist that ban Users hardware: Mac adress, hard drive serial, computer name or computer user name - Hack detection log file upload (FTP) - Upload file when size are more than "x" lines - Server Ban (PHP) - Server side protection, ban user account or character using SQL database. Protect Anti-Hack from bypass or kill process ========================================= Files protection: - L-Scan - Launcher alwais ON check - FN-Scan - File name Scan - Check file folder names existence - CRC-Scan - CRC files scan protection: Source : http://forum.ragezone.com/f508/codex-v5-source-code-1066322/ Download : Mega.Nz Older Versions : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Egyrtvw6vAZHFzTG52RDNLcEk/view With a little tweak i made something but my version doesn't protect itself. If it detects something it doesn't warn you or give any info(silent mode). It just kills the game instantly. You can test it. I added RFPxLoader_Launcher.dll into checker so right now icarus rf online helper doesn't work if you use this guard. If you use no protection at all i suggest you to use this. rfdg.dll ready to use : https://mega.nz/#!VpEHySQS!R2xDA-ZZjIECqRVGggt8elyR6iIwh3oAVra7vNN8eY8 rar pass : rf-dev.net How to use : Put rfdg.dll into main folder and hook into RF_Online.bin thats all.
  14. Now I have some items corrected, that's right, those that you drop monsters, when you were going to sell the item you received the changed CP. Please still find altered sales errors of CP items, help to fix it, make it cleaner, thank you. Download
  15. Zenobyte

    [REQUEST] PlayerCharacter.str

    Hi guys I just wanna request to someone that has PlayerChracter.str I need it badly for my modifications thank you in advance guys.
  16. Hello, new user here. I've been using the "Collection of Guide/Release to Build RF Online" thread in order to set up my own RF server. I have been following it as closely as possible, and I am at the point where I try to log in using the launcher. I'm using the one from the "Developer Launcher - Binary & Source Code" thread. I just downloaded, unzipped, and copy-pasted it into the game client folder. Whenever I try to log in with any input, I get the message, "Due to the number of maximum user limit reached or network problem, it is impossible to connect to the server. Code: 183". The only major difference I have from the guide is that I used Windows Authentication instead of SQL Server authentication for the ODBC because otherwise my AccountServerSD, LoginServerSD and zoneserverUD files wouldn't work. They seem to work without a problem, except that my LoginServerSD is missing some lines from the guide's screenshot. This is a screenshot from the guide, the circled lines are missing from my LoginServer. Trying to find a solution, I also tweaked my AccountSystem, LoginSystem and rfacc inis. I tried messing with the port numbers just in case, but I have backups so I can restore them to the defaults. Here are screenshots of them: AccountSystem loginsystem Both my rfacc files look like this: Help is very much appreciated!
  17. This is the tool i mentioned under Development forum. It's now converted to work with 2232 files. You will need StoreList.dat, Store.dat and NDStore.dat (not edf). It saves both server and client files. Updates the item count. Can drag/drop reorder items. Marks incorrect if potentially wrong id was used. Fills client id if correct item ID is entered. To copy converted id (what the script thinks it should be) you can select the cell and use CRTL+C You can use enter to move to the next cell under the last one you edited and use CRTL+A and CRTL+V to quickly replace the contents. Missing/not working: The automatic code check is not optimized for 2232 (there are possible false positives for some item types). It does not currently clear "edited" status on save. It now groups by store type (no race marker/icon on npc-s yet, identify them by their name). There is no support currently to edit other values (temp items, npc name, angle etc). Item type is not set automatically. It's a in progress tool and you may get errors/crashes if you do something unusual. UPDATE RF Editor Fixed save logic - drag and drop reorder now properly saves. Cleared grid view UI for empty entries. Fixed setting automatic Client ID when valid item ID is entered. Sourcecode: You can also visit our Discord for questions: https://discord.gg/KNqWYJNAnd feel free to donate bitcoins if you find this useful:https://www.blockchain.com/en/btc/address/1G9xF4Vfzz51GeSU8Q7m7PyuyEtweaJzeG
  18. ZeeZoia


    Night All, I have One Question, How To Change Monster Aggresive ?? whats colum i'm Change ?? Thanks Before Sorry for my bad english
  19. Freedom

    Master Skills

    was looking on my old Mega.nz account and found this. havent seen it released on here yet so ill drop a link. things to know about release. does not include edited SkillForce.edf must edit that on own. includes the effect files and sprites ONLY for client. Server side includes force.dat and skill.dat along with 2 sql scripts that need to be used. Credits from who made this and quick guide on how to use files are in the FAQ.docx https://mega.nz/#!2JFGGKhb!M_4MHTboGKttvvH-N9SpuizjWESjNJ6a9fCvl7YFLmY
  20. Freedom

    Clean PlayRF client

    https://mega.nz/#!HdN0EaYZ!F2biTYhhzvvMMChSQ-W2X9decyxAiRvMiRp7KptkjKc just trying to give people options. finding alot of stuff on my old mega.nz account this is a clean client never touched that im aware of
  21. Yasyah

    UI Problem

    Hey guys, Im Yasyah and just having UI problem, here the pic (sry couldnt upload the image here. couldnt find the link) https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=501885376575 has anyone met this problem and found its solution ? also I want to ask how to check the version of server files and client we have ? NB: - I use 2232 server files (RU nation code) from fyurith and client (pure golden mystery) - I have no idea why i have to use 223 rfonline.bin to make it work instead of 2232 RU bin - AFAIK, golden mystery already have lv55++ equip, but in my shop, it only has lv50 equip max, why tho ? thanks in advance
  22. AndradeS

    change mssql for sqlsrv

    I would like a help how I can change the GameCP mssql to sqlsrv who can help me please!
  23. kaiz

    Charm or Generator Limit to 1

    Hi, everyone just wanna ask for tips on how to modify generator and charm limit to 1 only, like you don't need to buy 5 of it just to have the full potential of the item?
  24. Zion


    Anyone can help me how to fix this ads? i want to remove it and change to plain launcher like own skin. thank you!
  25. ErlBinary

    weird error

    Good day RF-DEV i would like to ask if any one encounter this error and how to fix this thanks. Image
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