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Support RF-Dev with a monthly subscription!

Become a Supporter and receive the following benefits:

  • Unique forum user group and color. Example: YourNameHere

  • Access to the Restricted Lounge.

  • Discounts on all of our products.

  • Receive news on our upcoming projects before they are made public.

  • Animated profile photos.


Support RF-Dev with a VIP subscription!

Our VIP Supporters receive all Supporter benefits in addition to:

  • Bold username color. Example: YourNameHere

  • VIP-only forum available within the Restricted Section.

  • Receive news on upcoming projects before they are announced to Supporters or the public.

  • Exclusive chances to participate in testing of our various projects.

  • What is a Subscription?

    Subscriptions are a way for you to support RF-Dev. You can directly support us for about the cost of a cup of coffee per month. Supporting us not only helps us continue to grow the community, but you will receive some nice perks as well!

    Subscriptions have different incentives and pricing, and activate immediately after payment. You will be redirected to PayPal to make your payment.

    Thank you for supporting the RF development community!

  • Donating

    If you prefer a one time donation, send us some dogecoin!

    Address: DHLyswvQLsYGdCDvR8RuDkgQhCEPZ8nzTd


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