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Found 92 results

  1. mon0127

    I want to make a quest(55lv).

    I want to make a quest(55lv). I want to make up for the item. Therefore, they are requested to share videos or documents. The condition of catching the monster you want or eating the item you want. -----------------I need your help.
  2. Alex01

    Level 55 lock

    I have been reading a lot about caping level 55, but the only way that have worked for me is editing exp.dat, but then the character never loose exp, any way to cap level 55 or make the player loose exp after editing the exp.dat? Thanks in advance!
  3. This is the tool i mentioned under Development forum. It's now converted to work with 2232 files. You will need StoreList.dat, Store.dat and NDStore.dat (not edf). It saves both server and client files. Updates the item count. Can drag/drop reorder items. Marks incorrect if potentially wrong id was used. Fills client id if correct item ID is entered. To copy converted id (what the script thinks it should be) you can select the cell and use CRTL+C You can use enter to move to the next cell under the last one you edited and use CRTL+A and CRTL+V to quickly replace the contents. Missing/not working: The automatic code check is not optimized for 2232 (there are possible false positives for some item types). It does not currently clear "edited" status on save. It now groups by store type (no race marker/icon on npc-s yet, identify them by their name). There is no support currently to edit other values (temp items, npc name, angle etc). Item type is not set automatically. It's a in progress tool and you may get errors/crashes if you do something unusual. UPDATE RF Editor Fixed save logic - drag and drop reorder now properly saves. Cleared grid view UI for empty entries. Fixed setting automatic Client ID when valid item ID is entered. Sourcecode: You can also visit our Discord for questions: https://discord.gg/KNqWYJNAnd feel free to donate bitcoins if you find this useful:https://www.blockchain.com/en/btc/address/1G9xF4Vfzz51GeSU8Q7m7PyuyEtweaJzeG
  4. Dummo


    I was hoping that someone could set-up the step by step process of corfokit it would be help and would be great for development i try to check but they are field i'm still new trying to work hard for server http://blob:https://imgur.com/5f193eaa-df37-49f5-92a5-a9e7d229fb9d
  5. Dummo

    Wide Zoom by DevCorp

    those anyone know how this kind of zoom-out on devcorp work? hmm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHnXHlc-c6Y&feature=youtu.be
  6. Alex01

    Only PT gm

    Someone here have a query with PT's GM? just PT GM , thats all it would be appreciated, thanks you!
  7. Zenobyte


    My client side and server side set effect files are identical and already have a set effect embedded, but in game all effects doesn't appear what is wrong with this?
  8. AlukarD

    [Release] MAU castom

    In general, I post the MAU which I have been doing for a long time. Maybe someone will use it. link
  9. Zenobyte

    RFWebEmuConsole.exe WONT START

    I restarted the box to make some changes but now seems the emulator wont start/open and coz of that RFLauncher.exe on client side is affected any way to fix the issue? ip and patch path in the config are correct so how come it wont open.
  10. Zenobyte


    how to do character wipe? and want to retain the user accounts, i know its in RF_WORLD but idk where exactly to go, i'm lost XD any help would be appreciated.
  11. Zenobyte


    how to fix this error when accessing the GameCP? error messge is: The server principal "odincp" is not able to access the database "RF_WORLD" under the current security context.
  12. Xart


    i done edit zone server,bin and quest.dat tbl_general set max lvl 66 but if character get lvl 50 still get quest
  13. Zenobyte

    [HELP] Character Selection Error

    As i made some changes to the loot and npc's when i restarted the world, gm char is having an error during character selection, and when i create new a character upon entering the HQ map its only pitch black. any help with this?
  14. How to set specific Items upgrade success rate? and how to set it to talic wipe only or item destroy if fails. can anyone please help me with this, I just want some items to upgrade harder than the other items.
  15. Hi guys, now ill share cash shop files and working good. Maybe outhere there is many server files but didn't match to your current client. This files include server dan client file, also query to add cash coin manually. You can using your own app to add premium service and cash coin. Tested on server. SQL Query Or DB source RusBill, ZoneServer set to RU Credit: Roslaw (sql query) Working Cash Coin File.rar
  16. Zenobyte

    Login Restriction to Normal Players

    Hi, how to restrict normal players to log into the server? and only GM/Dev accounts can enter. (Out of Topic Question: how to restart a server if you made some changes on the server side? Newbie here ✌️)
  17. Ron

    Create Player Account

    Queries to create player accounts. ------------------------------------- -- For clean databases ------------------------------------- -- Version: 2.2.3, -- Nation Code: RU INSERT INTO dbo.tbl_RFTestAccount (id, password, BCodeTU) VALUES (CONVERT(binary, 'test1'), CONVERT(binary, 'test1'), 0); -- Nation Code: TH INSERT INTO dbo.tbl_rfaccount (id, password, accounttype, birthdate) VALUES (CONVERT(binary, 'test1'), CONVERT(binary, 'test1'), 0, '1970-01-01 00:00:00'); ------------------------------------- -- For databases with GameCP 'email' column ------------------------------------- -- Version: 2.2.3, INSERT INTO dbo.tbl_rfaccount (id, password, birthdate, Email) VALUES (CONVERT(binary, 'USERNAME_HERE'), CONVERT(binary, 'PASSWORD_HERE'), '1970-01-01 00:00:00', '[email protected]'); -- Version: 2.1.6, 2.1.5, possibly earlier INSERT INTO dbo.tbl_LUAccount (id, password, birthdate, Email) VALUES (CONVERT(binary, 'USERNAME_HERE'), CONVERT(binary, 'PASSWORD_HERE'), '1970-01-01 00:00:00', '[email protected]'); Create GM accounts. Find and execute the stored procedure at RF_User > Stored Procedures > pInsert_Staff, or use the query below. DECLARE @RC int DECLARE @id varchar(13) DECLARE @pw varchar(13) DECLARE @depart varchar(32) DECLARE @class varchar(12) DECLARE @name varchar(12) DECLARE @birthday varchar(10) DECLARE @grade int DECLARE @subgrade int SELECT @id = '!username' SELECT @pw = 'password' SELECT @depart = 'none' SELECT @class = 'GM' SELECT @name = 'name' SELECT @birthday = 'None' SELECT @grade = 2 SELECT @subgrade = 4 EXEC @RC = [rf_user].[dbo].[pInsert_Staff] @id, @pw, @depart, @class, @name, @birthday, @grade, @subgrade DECLARE @PrnLine nvarchar(4000) PRINT 'Stored Procedure: rf_user.dbo.pInsert_Staff' SELECT @PrnLine = ' Return Code = ' + CONVERT(nvarchar, @RC)
  18. 0 01/28/19 18:00:09 : StartDatabase : RF_World 1 01/28/19 18:00:09 : StartDataBase Fail : RF_World 2 01/28/19 18:00:12 : ~CRFNewDatabase() : EndDataBase() 3 01/28/19 18:00:12 : 4 01/28/19 18:00:12 : EndDatabase : Start 5 01/28/19 18:00:12 : EndDatabase : End 0 01/28/19 18:00:09 : StartDatabase : BILLING 1 01/28/19 18:00:09 : StartDatabase Success : BILLING I checked on ip and sql but did not change HELP please
  19. Hi guys, can someone provide me full info of NPC's their codes and Names, coz the names in my StoreList.dat is unreadable.
  20. fromhell

    Fixed damage

    Hello people. I hope someone can help me with this. I can not give an attack greater than 3991 and I also get damage of 3991 maximum.
  21. Zenobyte

    Random Slot Weapon (LOOT DROP)

    How to set up the drops of weapons to random slot? thank you for those who will answer.
  22. fromhell

    ADD cash in DB RU

    Does anyone have a query to insert cash into server RU? I already tried the roslaw and other querys .... shows which lines were affected, but in the game I remain with 0 of cash. My items are already worth 10 cash.
  23. fromhell

    Serial number of the skills force

    Where do I find on the server the serial number of the skills force, bellato e cora?
  24. kenpaci

    Double Launcher

    i cant open 2 launcher for dual login my server before i tested in my pc , after i login and choose character i can open another launcher . now i transfer it to server. i login > click server . but when i try to open another launcher it just instanly close . can anyone help me with this problem ? thanks before
  25. fromhell

    .INI files and their functions ?

    Hello people. I want to understand what server each .ini file should look like inside the SERVER initialize folder that brings changes to the game. some files I know, but others do not. Then I would like anyone who knew and could share the knowledge. Besides those that are for server connection configuration ... I know few. -ServerRate.ini = level rates ... drop ... animus rate up .... -MonsterSet.ini = adjust of the drop of the mostros based on the level of the player If anyone can help, I appreciate it.