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Found 123 results

  1. TriRozhka released his work for free. You can edit things much more faster than structorian Download : https://mega.nz/#!PBJS3a5C!9WMFk-wFJOUlV5LkC1Mu71Q7rn3YPq9DU0K-ByL6NbM ( original work russian language ) His statement : http://dev.trirozhka.ru/showpost.php?p=54&postcount=3 English language pack : https://mega.nz/#!rfo1laTC!VQpVKkfmuJFbnqTsRac-H_dNOwKZK6K--1LY_6vYBw4 ( english version made by Killerwoody and Freedom ) Tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BFVx4QsQNI
  2. Hello Guys Im newbie here i hope you will help me. Btw how to add new Cape or Custom armors in server? thanks in advance!
  3. Now I have some items corrected, that's right, those that you drop monsters, when you were going to sell the item you received the changed CP. Please still find altered sales errors of CP items, help to fix it, make it cleaner, thank you. Download
  4. Rusyhan

    How to edit Server Rate easily

    Greeting.. I just want to share how to edit our server rate easily. Open your server/Zone Server/RF_bin/Initialize -> ServerRate.ini You'll see the basic server rate there, just edit it. It is included for normal or premium account. Explanation: I tried above method and it works well. Have a nice try! don't forget to back it up before you edit.
  5. DeusEx

    [STRS] QuestNPCEvent.strs

    Can be used for: QuestDummyEvent.dat QuestGainItemEvent.dat QuestGradeEvent.dat QuestKillOtherRaceEvent.dat QuestLvLimitEvent.dat QuestLvUpEvent.dat QuestMasteryEvent.dat QuestNPCEvent.dat QuestPromoteEvent.dat [filemask="QuestDummyEvent.dat;QuestGainItemEvent.dat;QuestGradeEvent.dat;QuestKillOtherRaceEvent.dat;QuestLvLimitEvent.dat;QuestLvUpEvent.dat;QuestMasteryEvent.dat;QuestNPCEvent.dat;QuestPromoteEvent.dat"] struct QuestEvent { u32 nBlocks; u32 nColumns; u32 nSize; child QuestEventBlock [count=nBlocks]; } struct QuestEventBlock [preload=1] { u32 nIndex; cstr [len=64] Code; i32 EventNo; repeat 3 { i32 IsUse; i32 IsRepeat; i32 Type; i32 IsSelQuManual; i32 AcepProNum; i32 AcepProDen; repeat 5 { i32 CondType; i32 CondSubType; cstr [len=64] CondVal; } cstr [len=64] LinkQuest1; cstr [len=64] LinkQuest2; cstr [len=64] LinkQuest3; cstr [len=64] LinkQuest4; cstr [len=64] LinkQuest5; } }
  6. Skyler

    Developing Own RF

    Hi Guys, I am new to this community and have been reading some threads as of now it's my day 2. I would just like to make my own RF can you guide me and give me some advice? I am literally at 0% or no idea on how to do it. Basically a Newbie in this Developing Field but I guess I'm a fast learner at the same time got some knowledge about coding and decoding. Please advise me what steps to take, Of course, I would prefer doing RF Offline First. What are the average specs requirements for my PC in order to Develop and RF Offline without problems or issues? What are the tools that I should have in order to do this? Where should I start? Is there any difference in Building an RF Offline and making it Live? If possible please give me informative information or links of threads that I could go to and learn. Thanks and this is a great community by the way. Have a great day guys!
  7. Skyler

    RF Free Interface?

    Is there someone can link me or give me some advice about free and coolest looking RF Interfaces? Thanks in advance.
  8. more people confusing about can't login with Normal Account caused using unfixed DB or wrong procedure. with my kindly heart i'll share the db that not need to reconfigure. Files: BILLING.bak RF_User.bak RF_World.bak i forgot about the credit/owner of the files, if someone know please pm me (uploading from my backup folder) Database - tbl_rfaccount.7z
  9. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    [HELP] Copying NPC SHIELD to Character Shield!

    Good evening, I was thinking today about effects of weapons, shields, armor, but it is not my branch much less my focus! but I would like to know about a subject! Is it possible for me to add the shield effects of this NPC in the Shield of 55? If anyone knows how to do this can you let me know? I'm kind of out of RF Online, these months on account that I'm getting married soon! but I'm coming back active! and come back bringing some projects! Thank you all! I'm waiting!
  10. kshmilyhui

    how can i fix select npc bug

    After I deleted the map code of an NPC on the server side, the client NPC disappeared, but when I select another NPC, I will get the following prompt. Character Targeting has failded ,I checked the code and found that the NPC is not online. How can I fix it?
  11. Main list of fixed bugs: Fixed coordinate dup Fixed dup through trade Fixed auction Fixed mail Fixed dup box Fixed dup quests Fixed dup of money Fixed overdamage for melee Fixed overdamage through set item effects Fixed overdamage through a double potion Fixed overdamage through potion removal races debuff Fixed overflow pvp point through 11 players Fixed overflow PC through guild war (you can't kick out player during guild war) Fixed lossless transmission PC in the same race Fixed lossless transmission PC through mines Fixed coordinates of the turrets and mines Fixed teleport to the guild hall Fixed teleport to the starting point Fixed teleport in combat mode Fixed GM command Fixed speed/fly/wall hack Fixed control the use of buffs / skills in siege mode Fixed anti-invisible property and detection mines Fixed use of two potion with the same properties Fixed issuance of premium items Fixed voting + added the ability to hide the sheet with votes, or interest on the list Fixed transfers items between races through the bank Fixed control of delay attacks, incl. magic spell (not to be confused with ASPD) Fixed radius buff/debuff Fixed creation of invisible characters Fixed jumping into the siege kit Fixed sql injection Fixed various server crash dump Fixed of eternal chip hunter effect Fixed character rollback via NpcData Main list of addons: Disabling the licensing system Patching zoneserver through config file Adjustment of stone hp display settings Auto-exchange loot for currency Replace name loot Adjustment radius of drop loot Adjustment enchant chances for item Periodic ads Logging chat Alter exp in MAU New effect for potion Bonus for new player Formula for calculating protection Link to repository Download link to release v1.2 in binaries Download link to release v1.2 in source code
  12. Rusyhan

    How to set Max lvl to 45?

    I've read all method about setting max lvl, but it was for PT GM and lvl 66 or updating max lvl to 66++. I tried SQL Max LVL on general tabel but exp lvl still up. I cut all exp on exp.dat and character.edf, also limiting mastery to lvl 45 set as 99/60 based on job but finally I got my zoneserver crashed. Can anyone help me? This is for RF GU
  13. Hi, just wanna ask for help if its possible to import RF Online maps to either Blender or 3DS Max, I wanted to improve various maps textures and so on. I've seen the RF Map Tool, and I think I'll be able to work better with Blender or 3DS Max, any clue would be appreciated even if you say it's not possible, atleast I can stop on wanting to use Blender or 3DS max for editing textures and such for the Maps and try to work with the RF Map Tool.
  14. Update 5/3/2018 I've compiled a launcher that is ready to go for local testing use. This launcher will allow you to easily bypass the update emulator required by the official game launcher. This launcher connects to only. Compile from source to use a different IP. Copy RFLauncher.exe to your client, enter your account information, then click Start Game. RFLauncher Binary Download: https://mega.nz/#!2ow0AAJY!dO7ns7tGuYiUVtnsaNcSPJpuJcroNLiVMu9yyMO445g Original Post 9/11/2017 This is a developer friendly launcher designed for 2.2.3. Using this launcher, you can avoid having to set up the legacy update emulators to make the default RF launcher work properly... which is known to be quite a tedious and insecure process. You will be happy to know that this is a full source code release, not just a binary release. I am freely releasing the source as this was a minimal effort project, and I think this is a big step in helping people learn how to make your own game launchers. I left the application very "whitelabel" so you can easily adapt this for your own purposes. That being said, you will need to know some programming and have experience with Visual Studio to utilize these files. The project was developed in Visual Studio 2017 Community using C# .NET. I hope the community finds this release useful. Remember to press thanks/like to show support for future projects. Download RFLauncher.7z Configuration Information Reference RF.cs for information on how this all works. Search for the following code in RF.cs to adjust server connection settings for remote servers. Default settings are for local environments. // Connection settings. Adjust as needed this.IP = ""; this.Port = 10001; // runs the game LaunchGame(); Known Issues On the first connection attempted, error code #4 can be thrown. Login appears to work fine afterwards so this was considered a non-issue for the purposes of this launcher. I may re-visit this and fix it at a later time but for now I'm happy with the results. Screenshots
  15. Crowley

    System erro e erro character

    Galera boa tarde estou passando pelo seguinte erro , o servidor abre todo normalmente, eu entro no jogo normal! o problema ocorre quando eu relogo ou sai e tento entra no jogo! se eu relogar o personagem volta todo o avanço e volando pro nv 1 , 0 de gold e 0 de dalant e dar erro character , parece que o jogo não salva o progresso ! E se eu tentar abrir de novo o jogo da system erro no launch, só resolve quando eu reinicio todo o servidor de novo! porem o erro character no personagem continua resumo toda vez que saiu ou relogo no jogo preciso fecha e abrir o loguin,acount e zone de novo e criar um novo personagem! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good afternoon guys I'm going through the following error, the server opens all normally, I enter the normal game! the problem occurs when I re-enter or exit and try to enter the game! if I rewrite the character back all the advance and flying pro nv 1, 0 of gold and 0 of dalant and give character error, it seems that the game does not save progress! And if I try to reopen the system error game in the launch, it only resolves when I reboot the whole server again! but the character error in the character continues summary every time it came out or relogo in the precise game closes and open the loguin, acount and zone again and create a new character
  16. nemoqoh25

    [Help] Success Downgrade and Destroy

    hi im newbie here i just want to learn, to edit the success rate, downgrade and destroy in module folder.. its very confuse to edit..
  17. learlove

    AutoUpdate with Launcher

    Hi guys I am using web server using appserv2.5.9 version. If you do not have a patch file, the launcher works fine, However, if you insert the patch file, the patch will fail and the launcher will terminate. Create a tmp file using RF_Update , I created an info file with the RFPatchinfo.z generator and ran it. update.dll patchinfo.txt www\Download www\Download\DataTable This error occurs and the launcher ends. Using these changes will work normally. Can you check if I'm doing something wrong? I do not have any professional knowledge. I just follow the report and increase my proficiency. It's written in a Google translation. Sorry not good at English.
  18. Rusyhan

    FG Stuck/Launcher Stuck

    Hello, I want to ask how to fix this? After I edited cashshop on server and client side, this problem begin. Server Online but always "waiting for server response" inside before character selection. Thank you for your help before
  19. guys How to fix Failed to create empty document error? as i'm trying to open the zone it gives me that error. System Log says: 133 03/30/19 08:58:06 : Map Load Complete!! 134 03/30/19 08:58:07 : TimeLimitMgr::LoadTLINIFile(), Time_0 = 0, Percent_0 = 1.000000, Time_1 = 300, Percent_1 = 0.500000, Time_2 = 500, Percent_2 = 0.000000 135 03/30/19 08:58:30 : CashDbWorker::Instance()->Initialize() Fail!
  20. Server files for RF Online Golden Age (GA) / Golden Update (GU). These files should have minimal changes from their original state (clean). Some issues exist with these files. Feel free to discuss any problems with the files in this thread so everyone can share fixes. Server Files https://mega.nz/#!7lpzRLwR!jzY5KiXdRK-j1boBPSl6ypGhfau1--mOyHBKMC7UqZg Game Client You will need to set up the Launcher Update Emulator to use the official launcher. You can also reference the Developer Launcher to fast track getting in-game, or reference the source code to create your own launcher. Setup Guides Alternate Database Files Try these databases if you experience issues logging in with the databases included in the server files. RF Tool Pack
  21. Zenobyte

    [HELP] Database Error On Launcher

    I configured all now, from prev error "Login connection Failure" now the launcher says "Database Error" when I try to log in. can someone please give me a hand?
  22. This is the tool i mentioned under Development forum. It's now converted to work with 2232 files. You will need StoreList.dat, Store.dat and NDStore.dat (not edf). It saves both server and client files. Updates the item count. Can drag/drop reorder items. Marks incorrect if potentially wrong id was used. Fills client id if correct item ID is entered. To copy converted id (what the script thinks it should be) you can select the cell and use CRTL+C You can use enter to move to the next cell under the last one you edited and use CRTL+A and CRTL+V to quickly replace the contents. Missing/not working: The automatic code check is not optimized for 2232 (there are possible false positives for some item types). It does not currently clear "edited" status on save. It now groups by store type (no race marker/icon on npc-s yet, identify them by their name). There is no support currently to edit other values (temp items, npc name, angle etc). Item type is not set automatically. It's a in progress tool and you may get errors/crashes if you do something unusual. UPDATE RF Editor Fixed save logic - drag and drop reorder now properly saves. Cleared grid view UI for empty entries. Fixed setting automatic Client ID when valid item ID is entered. Sourcecode: You can also visit our Discord for questions: https://discord.gg/KNqWYJNAnd feel free to donate bitcoins if you find this useful:https://www.blockchain.com/en/btc/address/1G9xF4Vfzz51GeSU8Q7m7PyuyEtweaJzeG
  23. Ron

    Client Sound Optimization

    This sound optimization pack includes fully optimized sound files. Overall I have saved 815mb in versions 2.2.3+ by optimizing the sound files. This mainly involved converting the .wav files over to .mp3, while also reducing bitrate. WAV is a lossless audio format which uses a significant amount of disk space. MP3 files can compress this data a bit and save a lot of space from a straight conversion alone. In addition, MP3 bitrate was optimized for maximum saved space with zero audio quality loss. Some sound files had their sizes decreased by over 1,100%! As a side bonus, this also included setting the .avi CCR video files to 0kb so they are skipped in the initial client start-up. This saves a few seconds while getting in-game. Include these optimized sound packs in your client to reduce the total download size for your players by over 800mb. Thank us by liking this post and supporting RF-Dev. Don't see your client listed? Send me a link to your complete /Snd folder and I'll optimize the full folder for you, while listing it here for others to download as well. Help us make a complete list for all clients! Sound Packs 2.2.3 Sound Pack Download (164mb) Sound Pack Download (180mb) 1.5b Sound Pack Download (317mb) - Uploaded by @Martin Instructions: Simply extract the files and replace your entire /Snd folder in your game client with our files. This will save you a significant amount of disk space in your client folder, decreasing the overall download size for your players. Stock Snd folders are over 1.0GB! Before: After:
  24. You can download this document here: https://mega.nz/#!rVtXSCiA!B5NyrbFzgL6R7o8AQahpoPz7OLE7l7YwlGOSw5WtvRM Copyright inside document. If you had any trouble just post it here.
  25. Zenobyte

    [HELP EDIT] Armor DSR

    Just wondering how to edit certain armor DSR? can please someone share it in here? thnx.
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