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  • Community Rules

    Our rules have been written to help encourage positive community growth. Please review our rules before participating within the community. Violation of our rules may lead to warnings, account suspension, or a permanent ban.

    1. Do not post releases shared here on other websites without the original author's consent. Instead we prefer you to share the original link to our website. Some members share content exclusively on RF-Dev and may not want their content shared elsewhere.
    2. Out of respect to other developers, it is not recommended to post other peoples' work without authorization. That being said, RF-Dev will not take steps to filter content or releases. While we will not directly promote leaked releases, we will not remove leaks from our website. It is important for developers to protect your own work, and we expect developers to take proper precautions to protect their own intellectual property. We apologize regarding any frustration with this policy and hope members understand our neutral stance.  
    3. The Third Party Content forum category contains sections designated for third party advertisements. Each section has it's own rules that must be followed.
    4. Advertisements are not allowed anywhere other than these designated sections.


    Community Guidelines

    • Use Reactions (Thanks and Like buttons) to react to others' posts. Reactions are found at the bottom-right of every post. Receiving Reactions increases your forum reputation. Working to build your own reputation improves the community as a whole.
    • Links to other websites are allowed in order to promote a free and open development community. We will not take any steps to filter other website URLs. Feel free to post links to your own websites, or other websites with information relevant to the discussion. We only ask that if you post links to your own websites that you link back to RF-Dev in some way. This is not required but it is certainly appreciated! 
    • Use file sharing sites such as Mega or Mediafire for sharing releases and other content. Forum attachments are limited to 1MB but we prefer you to manage your own downloads through third party file sharing services so that we can keep our website disk usage low.


    Support Rules

    These rules apply to the Support section and the support offered by the RF-Dev team.

    When posting you are required to do the following:

    1. Use a clear, brief thread title. Threads with short questions are allowed as long as what you're asking is clear.
    2. Select the relevant game version from the thread tag drop-down.
    3. Summary of the issue.

    When posting a more detailed issue please try to include the following information:

    1. Exact steps to reproduce the issue.
    2. Video or screenshots to support explaining the issue.
    3. Additional logs and other information to support explaining your issue.

    Once your issue or question has been resolved please respond to your thread indicating so. The RF-Dev Team will close your thread to indicate it as resolved.

    1. Do not update your original post to "solved! please close!" or any other variation. This allows other members to reference the original issue and solution. If you need to reopen your thread, post a new thread with a link to the existing one, and explain why you are reopening the question.
    2. Do not excessively bump support topics. Someone will reply if they believe they can assist you. Follow up on your topic to post the solution if you end up fixing the problem yourself or with other resources.
    3. Do not respond to other's topics saying "use search!!" or any other variation. If you cannot help resolve the problem then do not reply. Do not flame other members for asking questions. Everyone is on a different skill level and we all start somewhere. A lot of people come here to learn. You must be willing to teach at a level the OP can understand if you decide to respond.

    The RF-Dev Team is responsible for watching over the Support section and making sure everyone is following our rules. The RF-Dev Team is not obligated to respond to questions.

    Please tag staff only for forum moderation issues. We may help answer questions from time to time but please do not tag us for responses to support questions. We will help you if we have the time to respond. Otherwise the section is supported completely by the community members. Regardless of who assists you, always remember to use Reactions to thank others for their help!


    Software & Service Advertisement Rules

    These rules apply to posting software and service advertisements on RF-Dev. Members who are maintaining an active thread in this section must comply with the our rules at all times. Failure to follow these rules may result in your thread being removed along with potential account warnings. 

    1. Any commercial activity on RF-Dev requires a related thread posted in our advertisement section. You are not permitted to market products to members via private message, this includes Discord. It is OK to respond if people reach out to you, but you are not allowed to initiate the communication.
    2. You are required to support RF-Dev members with any questions regarding your software or service via your thread and/or RF-Dev private message. All questions from RF-Dev members must be addressed in a timely manner, preferably within 24 hours. Feel free to redirect members to your own support channels but all messages via RF-Dev must be replied to timely. We may remove your ad if we see that you have gone inactive or if members are reporting that you are unresponsive.
    3. You may bump your thread once every week. If you've already bumped your thread this week, do not respond to your thread unless you are directly addressing someone else's reply.
    4. All threads must use the following post templates. Copy and paste the template to start your thread. Any additional information as well as screenshots and other media may be included after the main description.


    WARNING:  If you have a commercial product and you do not have an ad for that product, your product is not allowed to be marketed to members in any way through any RF-Dev channels, including Discord.

    Software Post Template

    Latest Version: 
    Release Date: 
    • Name: The name of the software you are offering.
    • Price: How much your software costs. If your software is free, enter Free.
    • Latest Version: The latest version number of your software.
    • Release Date: The release date of the latest software version.
    • Description: Enter as much information as you can about your software.


    Service Post Template

    • Name: The name of the service you are offering.
    • Price: How much your service costs. If your service is free, enter Free.
    • Description: Enter as much information as you can about your service.


    Advertising & Private Transaction Disclaimers

    Commercial projects and services for sale may be posted by any RF-Dev member. There are no post count or content restrictions for posting a commercial project and we do not require anything in return. If you want to thank us for allowing you to sell here, consider linking back to RF-Dev on your own website and/or social media pages.

    All threads here are operated by third parties. Our rules are set in order to enforce the highest possible quality standards while limiting RF-Dev's direct involvement.  While we will do our best to moderate content, we are ultimately not responsible for any actions taken by members who sell through RF-Dev. Any content posted in these sections by RF-Dev staff are supported by the individual members and are not supported nor endorsed by RF-Dev directly.

    We advise all members to use extreme caution on all transactions. Reference members' community activity to help judge transaction risk. If you've had a positive experience with a seller feel free to leave them a shout-out / vouch / review in their thread. This will help other members gauge seller reputation. If you've had a negative experience with a seller please give them a chance to resolve the issue privately before posting about it in their thread.

    Please do not discuss issues with transactions that did not occur through RF-Dev. If the transaction did not originate due to communication through RF-Dev then it is not allowed to be discussed here. Please direct your comments to the concerned parties. We appreciate your understanding regarding our neutral stance.


    Team Recruitment Rules

    Allowed content consists of:

    1. Recruiting members for your team.
    2. Hiring for a specific job or task that you need performed.
    3. Posting that you are available to join a team

    WARNING: If you are posting your work services for sale, please use the Software & Services section. You may offer your work in Team Recruitment but the work must be without compensation. For example; voluntary and/or open source projects, or any project you do not intend to profit from.


    Game Server Advertisement Rules

    These rules apply to posting game server advertisements on RF-Dev.

    Not following these rules may result in your ad being removed along with potential account warnings.These rules will allow anyone to freely advertise a game server while helping us maintain a baseline level of quality in the ads we allow. These requirements and rules may change from time to time. Please re-check these rules regularly if you are actively maintaining a game server advertisement.

    While RF-Dev's main focus will always be RF,  we realize most developers work on a variety of games. Advertisements for other games are also allowed here as long as all ad requirements are met.

    1. Do not post an ad for a server you do not own or work for. Only server owners or the server's staff and/or team members are permitted to post ads.
    2. You are required to keep your ad up to date with recent news and other relevant information about your server. Double posting is allowed for the server's staff as long as you are updating your thread with new information about your server.
    3. You are required to support RF-Dev members with any questions about your server via your ad thread. Please try to address any questions on your ad within 24 hours. Check your ad daily with your usual server upkeep tasks.
    4. Avoid excessive screenshots and videos. Media distracts from the information in your ad most users want to see. You are free to include media but please try to keep it limited. We recommend no more than one video and five screenshots.
    5. All ads must use the following post template. Copy and paste the template to start your thread. Any additional information as well as screenshots and other media may be included after the main description.


    Required Information

    The following information is required in your ad.

    Server Name:
    Website, registration, and game client download URLs
    Datacenter Location:
    Server Timezone:
    Experience Rates:
    Main Server Language: (English, Russian, etc)
    Server Age: (amount of time your server has been running without a wipe)

    This is only the bare minimum we require in your ad. Feel free to include as much other information as you like. Some common things to include are:

    • Maximum level in-game
    • Update interval (how often you update your server with new content)
    • Average amount of players online
    • Special event information
    • Any other important server information your players need to be aware of



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