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  1. ravennvm

    Miracle Scammers aka Ravennvm

    As you can see on the transcript and the pm screenshot , you can see that your friend DID NOT BUY THE CUSTOM ITEMS AND YET I STILL ADD IT . AND NOW HE'S CRYING TO ADD AKERON WHILE ON THE PHOTO HE SAID THAT ONLY BUY MY SERVER FILES . I even told him at first that when buying my server files it means that i am not responsible if he's making some changes on the script , otherwise its his problem not mine . I'll make it very clear here that sometimes its not always seller fault , some buyers are just stupid and don't know anything yet still pretend to know everything
  2. ravennvm

    Miracle Scammers aka Ravennvm

    Conversation started on Sunday, June 7 2020, 22:54 ================================================================ [22:54] Visitor navigated to https://miracle-dev.com/?fbclid=IwAR218PdPEIzZEa2r0JrWXPt09pAPzhSgkrRYCnJQFlE8UofXfEz0SF_LPKI [22:54] Customer Support (System Message) : Welcome to our site, if you need help simply reply to this message, we are online and ready to help. [22:54] V1591544994268224 : hi [22:55] V1591544994268224 : im teaching myself atm how to creat my own server then i found ur website [22:55] V1591544994268224 : buying ur files means everything is ready? [22:55] MIRACLE DEV has joined the conversation. [22:55] V1591544994268224 : and done? so i dont need to do anything bymyself? [22:56] MIRACLE DEV : Yes [22:56] V1591544994268224 : how about special drops if i want to change the drops i still can change em? [22:56] V1591544994268224 : explain it to me plz [22:57] MIRACLE DEV : A moment [22:57] Ravennvm has joined the conversation. [22:57] Ravennvm : so im selling files that ready to use [22:58] Ravennvm : but only if you use the files based on its rates [22:58] V1591544994268224 : means im not allowed to change the rates drops etc ? [22:58] Ravennvm : you can change it [22:58] Ravennvm : but you do it by yourself because i just selling the files [22:59] V1591544994268224 : ah i got it [23:00] Ravennvm : but few things in files works if you have gameguard [23:01] V1591544994268224 : what do u mean with few things work? [23:01] V1591544994268224 : im thinking about buying ur files but im still teaching my self how to set up a server [23:01] V1591544994268224 : need to learn a lot of stuff [23:02] V1591544994268224 : like how to set it up how to change drops etc [23:02] Ravennvm : things like pvp capsule , CPT capsule , cash capsule required gameguard module to work [23:02] Ravennvm : when you buy the files i can setup it free for you [23:03] V1591544994268224 : means u would bring my server online ? [23:03] Ravennvm : yeah [23:04] V1591544994268224 : but what when the server goes down or something i must learn how to bring it back online etc [23:04] V1591544994268224 : im still a noob in this stuff [23:04] Ravennvm : if you dont touch anything its very easy to open it [23:04] Ravennvm : i can teach you [23:04] V1591544994268224 : ok there is 1 thing i need to change a lot of drops any [23:04] V1591544994268224 : i got my own special drop list [23:04] Ravennvm : i can do demo changing item loot [23:04] Ravennvm : and you can watch [23:05] Ravennvm : and you can edit it once you watched me [23:05] Ravennvm : i'll just edit like 30% of your request then you do the rest [23:05] V1591544994268224 : sound snice [23:05] V1591544994268224 : about the game cp and website [23:05] V1591544994268224 : the first month is for free [23:05] Ravennvm : yes [23:05] V1591544994268224 : how much does it cost after? [23:05] Ravennvm : 10$ / month [23:06] V1591544994268224 : and the server hosting lets say for 1000 players [23:06] Ravennvm : with 120$ server you can get good server with 2000 capacity [23:06] Ravennvm : i7 7700 16 GB ram 3.60 ghz 4 core 4 thread [23:06] V1591544994268224 : i dont need that big 1 now i could still increase it later [23:07] Ravennvm : okay so 12gb ram [23:07] Ravennvm : up to 1000 capacity [23:07] V1591544994268224 : how much? [23:07] Ravennvm : 2.60 ghz [23:07] Ravennvm : 90$ [23:08] V1591544994268224 : but befor i host the server i still can get online via my pc rightß [23:08] V1591544994268224 : and host the server later when im ready? [23:08] V1591544994268224 : does this work [23:08] Ravennvm : yep [23:08] Ravennvm : whats your pc spec [23:12] V1591544994268224 : intel core i7 cpu 860 @ 2.80ghz [23:12] V1591544994268224 : not the best 1 [23:12] V1591544994268224 : but i need it for me only first to test out things [23:12] Ravennvm : how about ram ? [23:13] V1591544994268224 : 8 hb [23:13] V1591544994268224 : gb [23:14] Ravennvm : thats enough [23:14] Ravennvm : but i have 1 server for my client to demo the files before they using it [23:14] V1591544994268224 : nice so i can use ur demo version befor i buy it? [23:15] V1591544994268224 : to test if everything work [23:15] Ravennvm : sure [23:15] V1591544994268224 : would be great [23:16] V1591544994268224 : i would test it and then i would think about buying the 140 $ package or the 220 $ one [23:16] Ravennvm : you have facebook ? [23:16] V1591544994268224 : yes [23:16] V1591544994268224 : Samer Atweh [23:16] Ravennvm : you can add my fb [23:17] V1591544994268224 : rfo dev? [23:17] V1591544994268224 : u just addet me [23:17] V1591544994268224 : some min ago [23:17] Ravennvm : oh rly [23:17] Ravennvm : that was random add though [23:17] V1591544994268224 : yeah thats how i found ur website =P [23:17] Ravennvm : okay i'll give you the patch on fb [23:17] V1591544994268224 : oki
  3. ravennvm

    Miracle Scammers aka Ravennvm

  4. ravennvm

    Miracle Scammers aka Ravennvm

  5. ravennvm

    Miracle Scammers aka Ravennvm

    hahahaha why am i wasting my time with you , you seems insisting to get me banned by giving stupid argument as if i was doing business with you what bugged items you mean ? type C akeron ? let me laugh at you i dont need to answer your stupid opinion because 2 reason 1. you are stupid and i did not even know you nor have a business with you 2.your argument are pointless , saying same thing again and again i'll just give you a suggestion , go learn and know the difference between buying server files and paying for dev service and i dont need to answer your comment actually because its trash , i just need to wait until @MrSanta reply this thread and continue the convo you're not even in convo and please shut your stupid mouth or else everyone will see you as dumb person
  6. ravennvm

    Miracle Scammers aka Ravennvm

    look , a stupid guy trying to defend someone who he didnt even know and jump into stupid conclusion without knowing the problem . Lets say you sell lv 75 server files to me with completed structure and items as on description I bought your files and opened lv 50 server files and asked the akeron type C is buggy (missing text , mesh and no image also cant be used) SERIOUSLY YOU THINK 75 SERVER FILES ARE FULL OF CUSTOM ITEMS FROM LV 1 UNTIL 75 ? YOU MUST BE STUPID AF TO THINK ABOUT THAT , If there is no items named akeron type C then its considered as making new items even if it just needs to change the effect , changing the mesh and put the image . I repeat , its considered as CUSTOM ITEMS incase you are stupid too know my explanation "I could write a lot about your competence and knowledge of rf server/client side, but there will be enough one thing - you even don't know how to rename ready items." LOL you dont even know what was my aggrement between me and him , yet you said like you know better . I actually hate to repeat this multiple times but since you are too idiot and fucking stupid to include yourself in another people business who you dont even hear/know before this thread exist . He bought the server files and i told him its same rate as my old server , and he needs to rename it to his server name or change drop / npc etc like he wants , he bought my server files few days before he rent a server and do you think im a paranormal to know he will name his server rf bla bla ? He bought my server files because he said he wants to open new server , I was even offered him my service as developer in case he doesnt know how to edit things (of course with extra $) and then he refused saying he can edit it . You're just waste my time here since i dont even know you and i bet you were the people who pmed me on my live chat website saying i am the scammer . LOL if you didnt know him no need to defend him badly like this . Unless he's paying you for something stupid to defend him which you cant because this case is caused by his stupidity . Actually i told him that i am willing to help him without paying anything to me but ionly when im free and yet that idiot crying and trashtalking me whenever he needs help with something i dont responsible with Good luck with this thread , I'll be waiting for 1 week for your reply , otherwise admin will close this thread if the thread starter didnt reply within the time . Thanks
  7. ravennvm

    Miracle Scammers aka Ravennvm

    oh you're one of his friend ? okay seems like you know nothing about rf so i will explain it to you . In RF there's about over 5000+ unused codes , which has no image , skins ,uncomplete texture and etc . He said that he bought lv 75 server files not lv 50 with akeron type C exist i repeat , AKERON ! while the code you listed above is not akeron (only iwlua51 and iwlub51 is akeron because thats the only akeron exist in game) so your argument is invalid . If you want to defend your friend atleast knows the problem first , or else you're just making yourself looks stupid here with your stupid argumennt . When you bought lv 75 server files it means the main code and point are on 70-75 not lv 50 . It is ridiculous that this place is rf development forum and you came with your stupid argument saying there's type c akeron bla bla seriously , do you even know about developing RF ? because last time i helped your friend that not included in our aggreement , fixing your stupid lv 50 lock level while you and your friend were having hard time fixing it . And yet you know you're newbie with him but you 2 still opened the server ? huh waste of time
  8. ravennvm

    Miracle Scammers aka Ravennvm

    yes .. unless you're new on rf to ask about that
  9. ravennvm

    Miracle Scammers aka Ravennvm

    This is the last fix he gave to me , I was selling him lv 75 server files and do you really think I'm being responsible to fix these list ? LOL
  10. ravennvm

    Miracle Scammers aka Ravennvm

    So this guy really making thread about this . Okay i'll clarify this thing First , This guy only bought the server files lv 75 .. I repeat lv 75 . So our agreement is just setting his server based on the server files he bought . After buying my lv 75 server files this guy opened lv 50 cap server and told me that he just bought the server files without developing service . Second , After opened his lv 50 server , He told me that the server files ain't works well (even idiot knows that lv 75 server files is different with lv 50 cap) . When I asked what's the bug/problem then he came up with stupid reason . He said that there's no Launcher akeron type c lv 50 (This item is not exist even on CCR pure files) and this guy asked me to add that . Of course I refused to do that since its out of our aggreement Third , Those reason that he said I gave extra combine , Enable cash shop ,etc (REALLY DUDE ? YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BUYING SERVER FILES WITH PAYING DEV TO SETUP YOUR SERVER ? ) and cash shop was enabled on my server files . All he was said was not enable cash shop but he asked for auto cash (regen cash point) and of course its not included in our first aggreement Forth , This guy is literally stupid , He is newbie and didn't know anything but decided to open a server . He said that he paid for 400$ for me but its actually 200$ for Game guard , 130$ for Virtual dedicated server and 80$ for the server files And last thing is this guy is literally a noob and idiot , so don't bother to have a business with him I regret my mistake sold this guy my server files , I have a lot of clients out there but there's no idiot customer like this , I even offered this guy free fix (not adding new stuffs) but still this guy is too idiot to understand my nice offer You can post your screenshot here so everyone knows who's idiot here .. I'll be waiting your screenshot so that i can teach you a lesson Thanks
  11. ravennvm

    [HELP]Chat system

    its not only about character.edf you also need to check the clientdb.dat
  12. Server Opening : 29 May 2019 Web: oracle-gaming.com Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1377263812507817/ » Max Level 66 » Exp Rate x15000 » Animus Exp x99999 » Drop Rate x30 » Pvp x3 » PT/Skill/Force GM » Rune Disabled » BD Disabled » Quest 50 & 56 Disabled » Pvp Max 100.000 » Daily Quest Party Enabled » PvP Party Share Enabled » BuffMe Enabled » 1-5 = 100% 5-6 = 50% 6-7=25% Booty Price » Gli , Beam : 150M/Stack » Caliana Necklace : 300M/Stack » Gold Pig Statue : 600M/Stack New Character Rewards » Permanent Premium Service » Dual OD » Legacy Blade NPC List HQ » Armor 35 » 60 Rare B +5 » Weapon 35 » 60 Rare B +5 » Shield 35 » 60 Rare B +5 » Archon Armor 65 Slot 7 » Armor 65 Rare B Slot 7 » Weapon 65 Rare B Slot 7 » Shield 65 Rare B Slot 7 » Oracle Booster Sette » Upgrader Shop : T5 & Talic » Armor Palmas , NightWalker , Daidalos 70 » Relic 70 » Shield 70 Ether » OD CashShop (White Hole NPC) Elan » Oracle Armor 65 » Weapon PVP 65 » Oracle Shield Dark 65 » Tower & Trap 60 - 65 Drop Information HQ » Young Flem : Elemental High , Gli , Beam » Wing : Pil Recovery 100% , Pil Change Job » Flem : Isis ( Cora ) , Ammo Spec 3.000 ( ACC ) , MAU Blessing ( Bellato ) » ABA : Relic 45 Ether » Caliana Atrock & Crue : Caliana Necklace » Caliana Archer : Gold Point 1.000 » ABB : Booster 50 Elan »Scud Lava : Talk Jade , Jade Of Relief Sette Novajan Strider : Pvp Point +100 , Gold Pig Statue BM & OC » RHS : Leon Low » Naroom Captain : Gold Pig » Kukra Captain : Gold Pig Elf » Naroom Captain Batallion : Gold Pig Statue » Kukra Captain Batallion : Gold Pig Statue » Dark Elf Berseker : Gold Point 5.000 Crag Mine » Chip : Gold Point 30.000 & PVP Point 5.000 , Pot SOD & Stigma 3 » HSK : Gold Point 30.000 & PVP Point 5.000 » All PB HQ : GP 3.000 » Belphegor : Elemental Perfect & Leon Medium » Flame Draco : Leon High , Elemental Violent Box » Golden Pig : Snow Spray Part » John : Snow Spray Part » Ring Leader : Weapon Relic 70 , Exiled Elemental Box » RJ & Taraven : Oracle Armor 65 , GP 10.000 » Blink: Oracle Shield , GP 10.000 , » Caliana & SS : Weapon PVP 65 , GP 10.000 » Dagon : Weapon Relic 70 , GP 10.000 » Dagan : Armor Palmas 70 & Shield 70 , GP 10.000 » Dagnue : Oracle Elemental , GP 10.000 » Izen Cracker : Armor Palmas 70 , GP 15.000 » Black Sign : Shield Metal Elven 70 , GP 15.000 » Inferno Boss : Gold Point 30.000 , High Level Generator , Oracle PVP Booster , Jade Of Vitality (Spawn Every 6 Hours) Party Daily Quest -Available Every 12 Hours -Kill Inferno Boss and 10 Novajan Strider at Sette with your party and claim the rewards Reward : 30000 PVP 5000 CPT Item Reward : 1 HDH Elemental Box
  13. ravennvm

    Edit Map Portal

    requires client side just match it with your server side setting
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