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  1. ronz123

    Customize RF Launcher

    Thank you I found it. But I was wondering where to turn on Background Music during login .
  2. ronz123

    Customize RF Launcher

    I have already setup from OFFLINE to ONLINE (thanks to this helpful community). Now, I want to modify the Launcher (login) , I have downloaded a compatible Launcher and also I have edited the basebackground but during login the Launcher has a webcontent and displays a website (maybe owned by an indonesian dev from which I downloaded the server files). I want to know where should I edit it and delete its contents. I want a clean Launcher that does not visit any websites. Thank you very much!
  3. ronz123

    Setup RF Web Emulator with AppServ #1

    Good Day, im confused with "If you have a Public IP just change to your Public IP". Does this mean that all IP Addresses from Step 1 that I should change? thanks. Update: I have edited all IPs to my public IP which is provided by my ISP. My LAN IP is Then my Client Launcher which has already edited to point to my public IP is already running after following the steps above but I have an error saying "Login Server Connection Failure". Is there something I need to configure server side?
  4. ronz123

    IP Configuration With Router

    Ah ok, I have already done what you said on the WorldInfo and all servers are running including the ZoneServer. I have also edited the RFLauncher via Structorian and changed its IP Addresses to Then I tried to run RF Online client on my laptop with IP but it doesn't run. It just pops up split second then gone. Do i have to tweak the emulator?
  5. ronz123

    IP Configuration With Router

    @Ron thanks for the reply. Yes i have tried configuring the server and i have managed to connect and create GM Account as well as normal user accounts and I was able to login and play via GM and normal accounts using the same computer(the SERVER) (offline server setup). Now, what I'm trying to do is to play on another computer like my laptop which is in the same IP range as the server. What I have done so far is changed all IP in server side from to IP of the Server Computer) then change the WorldInfo IP to Router). After that I have run AccountServer, LoginServer, BillingAgent, and ZoneServer. Everything is good except the ZoneServer which prompts an error "Failed to Create Empty Document.". Also firewall is already disabled, Public and Private connections are also enabled for the Account,Billing,Login and Zone servers (Allow and app through firewall). Thanks.
  6. ronz123

    IP Configuration With Router

    @Tauros23 thanks for the answer, Yes i have already done that and it still doesn't work
  7. ronz123

    IP Configuration With Router

    Good Day, i have similar problem too. After successful Server Setup using Windows 10 64bit and setup, I am trying to levelup my trial and error skills, haha. I'm trying to setup RF Online Server that can be accessible by LAN clients. My server is and my laptop is 192.168.2.x (dynamic). I have followed what you said (Sir Ron) AccountSystem.ini, BillingSystem.ini, Login_Filter_Dev.ini and LoginSystem.ini configs has LAN IP ( and WorldInfo.ini has WAN IP ( for GateIP and Address values. I am using PFSense 2.4.3 as my router. My MSSQL is using login SERVER NAME as SVR\SQLEXPRESS, (SVR is the computer name, i hope it doesn't matter) Problem 1: ZoneServer fails to create empty document Problem2: Displays "Not a service time" on normal users during login. (will be posting problems later) Thanks for the useful information Sir Ron and other folks
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