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  1. for seniors how to create a sql server for archon or concil, please isolate it for how to do it
  2. give an explanation and the tutorial for editing damage Monster
  3. ok thanks for solution brother May I ask .? I have already opened the StoreList.dat and Store.dat files, but I don't know the NPC codes that have problems fixing them.
  4. AndiGinthink

    Help Me

    please help me senior in my offline rf there is an error such as buying the armor of the board immediately close the game, then when I buy the PVP weapon, the writing of PT Skil appears low even though PT Skil GM for the senior gives a solution for the solution.
  5. guys how to edit the Item.edf file how is it possible? and for those who have video tutorials for me so I can learn
  6. I have tried this file which happened to the file not responding
  7. AndiGinthink

    Help Me

    help me for those who understand the constraints I experienced on my rf offline server
  8. how to let him go along with how to tell you who is senior
  9. help me guys when i buy this item i directly close the game
  10. please help and enlighten guys when I bought a blood potion and cure potion, the game immediately appeared, please help
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