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  1. Hi! I am currently having this problem. The moment I open the launcher to try to log in, it gets stuck in downloading patch info. Also, a file appears when the launcher opens, serverconfig.dat (which is showing OLD IPs from a previous configuration I had. It somehow isnt updating that file. - I have used the search options in the forum. Searched every post and found no answer. - I have reinstalled appserv and emulator files several times. - I've changed IPs in Launcher several times, from scratch. - I have thoroughly checked the emulator settings, changing EVERY IP in the ini and dat to the new one im using. (update.dll, LPServer, serverconfig.dat, etc). - Launcher works in local mode ( but not using public IP. (I'm able to login normally and have no issues). I know for a fact that ServerConfig.dat from the emulator is updated to the new IPs and yet the launcher seems to download an old version of the file that no longer exists. (serverconfig.dat with old IP). Does the launcher use some time of CACHE where it stores this old file? Thanks in advance!
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