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  1. knightseven

    Model Editing

    is there any newer link for the skeleton one?
  2. knightseven

    Mechanic Wings

    wow this really helpfull, thank you sir
  3. knightseven

    Mechanic Wings

    ah sorry i didnt see it corectly, sorry
  4. knightseven

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    by the way thank you very much sir, it really works!
  5. knightseven

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    okay i'll try to do it first, thanks sir
  6. knightseven

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    thanks for the tutorial sir, it really helped a lot. but is there anyway to define which alpha is for the surface one or the glow one? because i have try to edit level 60 armor both the .eff file and the the .dds file too, but the surface effect is gone from the armor with .eff files that still have a texture that define the surface effect. I really glad if you can answer my question, thank you
  7. I want to edit skin for palmas/kw/daidalos armor, i can edit the texture, but there is a white glowing dot on daidalos warrior accretian armor like this i want to know the .eff files and the spr codes cause i want to edit the glow to match my texture or even dismiss it thanks for the answer. i really apreciate it if someone want to answer my question
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