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  1. jdag

    Crag Mine See Distance

    yes i know this is an old thread. just happened to come across it accidentally again. it's because of the engine design. some time ago(i think 3 years roughly) i came across an article which was about the engine CCR made more than it was about the game itself. if someone could find it and link it i'd love you much. i remember one thing it said specifically. basically they made a pseudo 3d engine that was really 2d. they specifically said their goal was to make the engine as lightweight as possible in network traffic so that as an mmo with global players connecting, even really distant players would be able to play decently. they did this by making Z axis basically not used while calculating anything, hence the flyhacking and height oddities. but also they specifically mentioned that the client would not sync with server for everything. i think league of legends also made a post about this one time too that they at one pont also had an option inside the in-game settings to disable client/server sync or (maybe they called it "confirm actions" or something along those lines) for people with worse connections so that it was less intensive on the player's network. anyways, this is what leads to the "ghost" entities in rf online pretty frequently
  2. this is what it looked like back in the day. i think on all the official servers now it basically just looks like the "tornado" melee elite skill. i think it's more satisfying because the sound matches up properly to when the weapon is hitting your target. it also makes it more obvious that it's a single target skill rather than looking like the aoe tornado skill.
  3. jdag

    Specialist Guard Tower Restore After DC

    sorry for the confusion. i want to change it so that they do not restore after logging in from force logging or DC. i'd also be happy just being to adjust the time that this is in effect. like everyone knows if you force log and wait like 12 hours before logging in, obviously they don't restore. i don't know what the time window is to log back in. but if i could edit that, it'd be good too.
  4. is it possible to disable specialist guard towers from restoring when disconnected? couldn't find any existing solution when i was googling. thanks!
  5. I was hoping someone could point me to where the number of item registration slots are defined on UTS. For example specialist classes can register up to 10 items but all other classes have 5 of them disabled and "grayed out". I'm hoping it's possible to just make all classes be able to register 10 items. Thanks.
  6. ok here's another attachment. just keep in mind that this from 2005 so if there were any other animation changes made to level 40 bell class skills this will overwrite those too ani.rar contains.. BM2CA.RFS - bell male 2nd class animations BF2CA.RFS - bell female 2nd class animations Ani.rar ***edit also it might remove bash explosion & 10sec sprint animations because they didn't exist back then i cant remember if i repacked these RFS files with the "old" double crash or if i just took the 2005 files. if it removes your animations on BE and sprint you'll need to unpack and repack so you dont lose the animations on those
  7. they're inside of ani.rar ****** edit oh i see, link is broken
  8. jdag

    Left Side Council Spots "None"

    also, CandidateMgr_1710290829.log is the first log that ran into these errors. we didn't have these errors prior. this file is from 29th October. this is also the last day of daylight savings. the server also crashed at midnight this day (right when cp reset). anyone know or have had issue due to daylight savings before?
  9. jdag

    Need Help -pvpcash

    sorry yzveus, yeah we have it resolved. i'll tell wolf to check back here for you.
  10. Ok so voting finished, the next day rolled over and it placed all positions correctly. All spots were placed. Did a maintenance restart next day and 3 out of the 4 positions that were placed by "default"(because not enough people applied) became vacated and changed to "None". Looked back through and found some stuff from the patriarch system that logs at least part of the problem. It looks like the problems and errors occurred prior to any restart, but once the restart happened it flushed memory and failed to load the spots again. CandidateMgr_1710290829.log \ZoneServer\ZoneServerLog\Systemlog\Patriarch 0 10/29/17 22:00:36 : RANK_AUTO ADD : Serial=290, Name=steve, CurCandidateCnd=1 1 10/29/17 22:00:36 : RANK_AUTO ADD : Serial=302, Name=paul, CurCandidateCnd=1 2 10/29/17 22:00:36 : RANK_AUTO ADD : Serial=25, Name=mike, CurCandidateCnd=2 3 10/29/17 22:00:36 : RANK_AUTO ADD : Serial=285, Name=ken, CurCandidateCnd=3 4 10/29/17 22:00:36 : GetCandidateBySerial() Return NULL : 0 : Serial=426 5 10/29/17 22:00:36 : CANDIDATE RANK AUTO ERROR : Serial=290 6 10/29/17 22:00:36 : FAILED DB_RET(Candidate Insert_13):290(Race:0) 7 10/29/17 22:00:36 : GetCandidateBySerial() Return NULL : 0 : Serial=426 8 10/29/17 22:00:36 : GetCandidateBySerial() Return NULL : 0 : Serial=726 10 10/29/17 22:00:36 : GetCandidateBySerial() Return NULL : 1 : Serial=163 11 10/29/17 22:00:36 : GetCandidateBySerial() Return NULL : 2 : Serial=302 12 10/29/17 22:00:36 : CANDIDATE RANK AUTO ERROR : Serial=25 13 10/29/17 22:00:36 : GetCandidateBySerial() Return NULL : 0 : Serial=726 14 10/29/17 22:00:36 : FAILED DB_RET(Candidate Insert_13):25(Race:1) 15 10/29/17 22:00:36 : GetCandidateBySerial() Return NULL : 1 : Serial=163 17 10/29/17 22:00:36 : GetCandidateBySerial() Return NULL : 2 : Serial=302 18 10/29/17 22:00:36 : GetCandidateBySerial() Return NULL : 1 : Serial=163 19 10/29/17 22:00:36 : CANDIDATE RANK AUTO ERROR : Serial=285 20 10/29/17 22:00:36 : GetCandidateBySerial() Return NULL : 2 : Serial=302 21 10/29/17 22:00:36 : FAILED DB_RET(Candidate Insert_13):285(Race:1) 22 10/29/17 22:00:36 : GetCandidateBySerial() Return NULL : 0 : Serial=726 23 10/29/17 22:00:36 : GetCandidateBySerial() Return NULL : 1 : Serial=163 24 10/29/17 22:00:36 : GetCandidateBySerial() Return NULL : 2 : Serial=302 25 10/31/17 00:00:44 : CompleteInsertCandidate(14):Serial:426(Race:0) 26 10/31/17 00:00:44 : CompleteInsertCandidate(14):Serial:726(Race:1) 27 10/31/17 00:00:44 : CompleteInsertCandidate(14):Serial:903(Race:2) we did the server restart 10/31/17 roughly around 10:00:00 help pl0x
  11. This seems to only happen while sieged. If sieged when you reach the end of a stack of HP potions, the next stack will not automatically be in place healing. I remember this was a common bug on retail a few versions ago (probably the version i'm on) any help? i'm on 2.2.3 i believe
  12. jdag

    Loot - Scattered, free for all to loot

    was able to figure out how the event system, mobs, etc. work instead. cheers!
  13. hey this should be a quick one. i know i've come across the information before but i can't seem to think of the right words to search for so i can find a supporting thread. i need to make some mobs have scattered loot that is instantly able to be looted by all 3 races. for the purposes of an event monster. thank you guys
  14. jdag

    Crag Mine See Distance

    just noticed something by happenstance which could be a simpler solution while on a GM character if you open the settings GUI and change the view range setting, it announces the see distance value the same way it does when entering different maps. maybe there is a way to just capture and retrigger this event and tie it to map loading somehow or as a shortly-delayed trigger after someone uses a teleport button, scroll, etc.
  15. jdag

    Need Help -pvpcash

    i know the mechanic isn't a bug, but there has always been a timer of some kind associated with it(no idea if it was just clear when the ranks reset at midnight and temp points lock into certain). but there's no way it was ever intended to be preventing rewards for the lifetime of the character years down the road from gaining points by killing a player for a 2nd time a year later. thats what we're having trouble with. whatever is supposed to release this "mechanic" to prevent pvpcash farming a single enemy, isn't releasing at all over multiple weeks now.
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