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  1. DELETE PVP POINT AND GOLD from RF_Online.bin

    try using 223 version
  2. Max level 55

    Quest.dat not QuestLvlLimitEvent.dat See the MaxLevel Column in Quest.dat, find 56 change to 55
  3. PHP Script - Massive Cash Coin Adder

    agree <?php $connectionInfo = array("Database" => $DB_Select, "UID" => $DB_User, "PWD" => $DB_Pass); $conn = sqlsrv_connect($serverName, $connectionInfo) or die("Cannot connect to SQL Server"); $submit = $_POST['submit']; $cash = $_POST['cash']; if ($submit != "") { if ($exit_stage1 != true) { // Billing check $idcheck = "SELECT id FROM dbo.tbl_UserStatus"; $idquery = sqlsrv_query($conn, $idcheck); $row_count = sqlsrv_num_rows($idquery); if ($row_count === true) { $error = "Sorry, no account in your database."; $exit_stage2 = true; } if ($cash == "") { $exit_stage2 = true; $error = "You forgot to fill in your cash amount"; } } if ($exit_stage2 == false) { $query = "SELECT id FROM tbl_UserStatus"; $result = sqlsrv_query($conn, $query); while ($rows = sqlsrv_fetch_array($result, SQLSRV_FETCH_ASSOC)) { sqlsrv_query($conn, "UPDATE tbl_UserStatus SET Cash = Cash+$cash WHERE id = '" . $rows['id'] . "'"); echo 'ID: ' . $rows['id'] . ', Added Cash Amount: ' . $cash; echo '<br/>'; } } } # Input Table in HTML is here ?> <footer> <center> <div> Copyright 2018, <a href="https://aurosgaming.com/" target="_blank" title="Nuna" alt="Nuna">Nuna</a></p> </div> </center> </footer>
  4. Change LoginServer or RF.exe port [2.1.5]

    i think nova has posting this problem in ragezone http://forum.ragezone.com/f479/release-2-1-5-update-947529-post7910094/#post7910094
  5. Client to Server ability value converter

    $3DCCCCCD ? where the value's like this for server file ?
  6. RF Europe

    who want to make a server with what you want.. just call CCR Marketing. then say what you want,. but source using RF Online v4.5. in case with Age of Patron Version ( PlayRedFox ). such as : RF Classic Indonesia and RF Classic PlayRedFox. as i heard, RF Classic is a Project. new project from indonesia offical RF for kick ass Private server in indonesia. but, the expectations exceed. so i think RF Europe with Innova, order a new concept with max level 55. not like RF Classic with level 50
  7. RF Auto Update Launcher

    second problem.. maybe wrong patchinfo.txt file configuration
  8. How to rebirth character from 2 server to 1 server?

    me.. work
  9. How to rebirth character from 2 server to 1 server?

    you need same account from server A and Server B. then leave serial character from server A, and add the serial character from last serial character in Server A then add from serial character in server B. example.. Serial Character = SC Server A = Serial Character 1-5000 Server B = Serial Character 1-2000 make new server, then add serial character in database server A from Server B Last SC[A] + FIRST SC it is like add new serial 5000+1, 5000+2 etc then Result like 5001, 5002, 5003
  10. About AoE Mau

  11. [HELP]Template Corfokit version

    made by FISH YAN make with DevExpress
  12. RF Online 2.2.4 - Lord Master

    LOTM is TRUE, when CCR launch the new server for TESTING SERVER in 2010. not 2009 many russian playing there, then Victor from Cerberus Gameguard first using New map from LOTM for him server. RF MID-WAY. and from there every ppl try to download full Test client. the update first only NEW MAP...more then 10 new maps. why am i know this issue ? because i played there
  13. RF GameCP V2

    novanakal use first bootswatch when rayzer release their GCP. he told me
  14. Video Guide how to Make Strs Server Side

    no bro, im not nova
  15. Video Guide how to Make Strs Server Side

    i think you need to put the Original Link Tutorial