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  1. ZeeZoia

    Inaccurate Map Information

    Cek again sir.. Or upload your map.edf Ndmap.edf and your bin to here.. I will help you
  2. ZeeZoia

    Runtime Error on Launcher

    Change your Patchinfo.z in app serv or xammp.. Or change your metode to exdeus share
  3. ZeeZoia

    [AoP] Zone + Header

    Can i ask sir??.. Can use script 2232?
  4. ZeeZoia

    3rd job unlock offsets

    Search at release strs full offset for zone and rf bin
  5. ZeeZoia

    Quest Codes

    Hehe solved bang amar.. Only delete item at npcquestevent dat and quest dat
  6. ZeeZoia

    Cash Per Minute Per Map

    I have 1 question sir.. Why after 5 minutes im got dc? And cash always 0
  7. ZeeZoia

    Cash Per Minute Per Map

    Cant add lv sir?
  8. ZeeZoia

    Quest Codes

    Yes bang.. Ga bisa kah tanpa item tsb >.< jd g ush beli
  9. ZeeZoia

    Quest Codes

    Yes i see bang amar.. But how add new quest at 1 npc..
  10. ZeeZoia

    Quest Codes

    Can you give me a clue for dialy quest sir?
  11. ZeeZoia

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    any people can help me .. i add 1 addon always failed https://www.mediafire.com/view/0jjc587tgabr24v/a.jpg/file
  12. ZeeZoia

    Link quest to npc

    Thanks for answere sir.. I will try 😁😁
  13. ZeeZoia

    Link quest to npc

    Night all.. I have a question.. How to link a quest to npc?
  14. ZeeZoia

    Mau AoE

    mau arms ??
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