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  1. Useful Queries For RF Online

    [+]Status Information 1 - For Assign Him To Next Council Election 2 - To Revoke His Status From Current Council 3 - To Make Him Current Council
  2. Useful Queries For RF Online

    Don't forget to give disclaimer : USE AT YOUR OWN RISK Some little mistake in query will give permanent error in database. especially for newbie. Example : Changing the Race requires Class changes too. It cannot be separated. if you want to change or add new Archon / Council without removed old data. just increase eSerial value for new data. And some information in your --comment is wrong
  3. RF GameCP V2

    You got it . This config only gives super admin privileges to your ID. You still need to register your ID in the registration form. NB : The main problem is that many members here are looking for popularity and pretending as if they know everything to get money outside this forum by scamming people as developers or making low quality servers and asking for donations. This is a fact and has happened in Rag*zone. .
  4. RF GameCP V2

    Just change the insert query in "register_account" function to matching with your own tbl_rfaccount column. Or you can use this complete tbl_rfaccount : rf_account.zip Goodluck
  5. RF Fedor @ DevCorp

    I use Dev-Corp's gameguard too, I have no issue with user online log's in "tbl_ServerUser_Log". If you have communication problems with @Fedor, you can try buying through reseller who can support you more.
  6. Best Zone Protection

    Dev-Corp is good enough for all you need in RF Private Server. I have alot of server using Dev-Corp Protection and Cerberus Protection. They are both is good in terms of protect your server from cheat activity. Dev-Corp prices is USD 400 - USD 600 for 6 months and 1 years License of use. Cerberus prices is USD 2000 - USD 3000 for permanent use and 1 years update / supports.
  7. roslaw bom dia poderia me passar a query 

    USE [RF_World]
    /****** Object:  Trigger [dbo].[RF_TimeUpdate]    Script Date: 06/02/2016 19:37:26 ******/

    CREATE TRIGGER [dbo].[RF_TimeUpdate]
        ON [dbo].[tbl_general]
        DECLARE @GSerial INT;
        DECLARE @GPlay INT;
        DECLARE @GMap INT;
        DECLARE @BSerial INT;
        DECLARE @BAccountSerial INT;
        DECLARE @BAccountName VARCHAR(17);
        DECLARE @BLevel INT;
        DECLARE @BLogLevel INT;
        DECLARE @BPlay INT;
        DECLARE @TimeDiff INT;
        -- Binding Refresh Update for Column TotalPlayMin on tbl_general.
        IF UPDATE([TotalPlayMin])
                @GSerial = [Serial],
                @GDCK = [DCK],
                @GPlay = [TotalPlayMin],
                @GMap = [Map]
            FROM INSERTED
            IF (@GSerial > 0 AND @GDCK = 0)
                    @BSerial = [Serial],
                    @BDCK = [DCK],
                    @BAccountSerial = [AccountSerial],
                    @BAccountName = [Account],
                    @BLevel = [Lv],
                    @BLogLevel = [LogLevel],
                    @BPlay = [LogPlay]
                FROM [dbo].[tbl_base]
                WHERE [Serial] = @GSerial
                -- Calculating Time Different OldTimePlay and CurrentTimePlay.
                SET @TimeDiff = @[email protected]
                IF (@BSerial > 0 AND @BPlay > 0 AND @BLogLevel > 0 AND @BDCK = 0)
                    -- Executing Procedure RF_Autocash to Update Cashpoint Formula.
                    EXEC [BILLING].[dbo].[RF_Autocash]
                                            @AName = @BAccountName,
                                            @ALevel = @BLevel,
                                            @ALevelLog = @BLogLevel,
                                            @ATimeDiff = @TimeDiff,
                                            @AMap = @GMap
                IF (@BLogLevel < 1)
                    SET @BLevel = 1
                -- Executing Procedure RF_LogTime to Update Log.
                EXEC [RF_WORLD].[dbo].[RF_LogTime]
                                        @USerial = @GSerial,
                                        @UTimePlay = @GPlay,
                                        @ULevel = @BLevel


    1. hbsilva3


      Msg 207, Level 16, State 1, Procedure RF_TimeUpdate, Line 42
      Invalid column name 'LogLevel'.

  8. CashCoin Regent /Level / Map

    They even do this lol... removing my name in comment and my logical procedure
  9. CashCoin Regent /Level / Map

    Aw... some guys copying my stuff and say if this is their own stuff.... VERY WELL.... @Ron @Nuna This is make me sicks 1. This is make me sicks 2. This is make me sicks 3.
  10. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    I'm trying my best to ignore stupid comment but this kid trying so hard to making fake story about me. Out Of Topic Back to topic Please discuss well. The bad feedback is not intended to discredit the product. I love this source code and its framework implementation. Now Im following @i7Core advice to re-write all the code to the single project and single .dll file. I will be silent reader now. don't worry, I will not giving any bad feedback again.
  11. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    This video is valid, and the owner using your guard version 1.4 release version (not pre-release version). the video is came from his Players who record it with their own SmartPhone. but you say that is not protected by your ZoneServer / Guard. Since 2009 I have never heard, or rarely get a report from players that experienced critical errors due to actively use items with SetItemEffect. But okay. I will not try to againts your statement... This is all just my fault, because I'm always talking bullshit about your guard . You can move forward and keep developing this good things. ThankYou’ for all your great work.. :cheers
  12. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    8. Okay, sorry my bad. the auction part is not include in Client Side modification. when I check it again. you only change 2 offset in RF_Online.bin But I am not lying when I say that I have experienced more Critical Error while using your RF_Online.bin instead of using Original RF_Online.bin. Im using same client, same files, same launcher and same server, I only change RF_Online.bin then publish it to my players. and I got more report about critical error than before. ** don't get me wrong, I just want to give you information based on what I experienced. ps: I only test that bug when I still using this guard in my production server. but after I found this guard is not capable to handle my need. I change it again with another guard and now I need test server to test that bug using your guard. you PM me before, that you have test server. I'm waiting you to give me access to that server.
  13. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Don't complain anything to him,. He provide full source code in GitHub. So,.. if you find some problems and know how to fix it, just send commit in github to help him improve this guard. the list of problem in this guard is : Heavy process. Need high Server Resources. Wrong Alogarithm in speedhack and flyhack. (speedhack tolerance too high). Wrong Alogarithm in Skill / Force Checking. (timing check tolerance too high, range skill target check not available / not work). RF_World DB Connection issue if using old version of SQL / Windows. Crash Dump need Large space of hardisk (1 crash case need 1gb-3gb dump files). Not capable to handle players over than 500 population even with High End Server (i7 7700k, 64GB Ram, Supermicro, NVMe SSD). Have modification in Client RF_Online.bin to fix server side problem. (Example: Set Item Effect). using this version RF_Online.bin triggering more Critical Error than Normal RF_Online.bin without modification. (I have testing it for 1 weeks with Language=USA and en-gb from PlayRF Client).
  14. Ban port 80 and 8080

    Open your Launcher in HXD program or any software that capable to see hex/binaries code of exe program. You can search those port so easy in String ANSI (80, 8080, 10007) or you can simply search "update.dll" in String ANSI because port 80,8080,10007 always close to "update.dll" in String Area. After you find it, you can replace the port direct on there. This way more compatible with all launcher type. You doesn't need using other tools to working on simple thing like this. The advantage of this way is, you can learning the fundamental of structure on exe program to find other interesting things. I hope all the members in here can give more Information and knowledge than just giving the finished program. because that is the fundamental of developing