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  1. Yeah everyone sell this files too now 😂. for 300USD from this link https://store.exdeus.dev/cart.php?gid=1 Come on show the business competition to sell AoP Files has began
  2. Great software and worth to buy. because this product released by the creator and have support for the next update. This product combined with @TriRozhka tools will make your task easy for editing RF Online.
  3. Yeah, works will pay the bills..
  4. Come one buy it, its only for 500USD, worth to buy until someone share it for free with title "No More Selling...". 😂 RF Community nowdays its all about money.... sad...
  5. OwnDev Gameguard Owner : BACUY Origin : Indonesia Price : Cheap Protection Level : 7 This gameguard is used alot in indonesia, have same protection level with dev-corp but less modules. for PVP servers or RPG servers who only focused on protection and bug fix without any funny modules, this gameguard perfect for them and the prices is reasonable. Dev-Corp Gameguard Owner : FEDOR Origin : Russia Price : Cheap - Expensive Protection Level : 9 This gameguard is used alot around the world and have been around for a long time, have a good experiance in many bug in RF a
  6. If you get a scam, and use paypal as a payment gateway, simply dispute the transaction. it is easy to win if you have any proof (etc: incomplete program, wrong service, item you received is damaged or does not work well). And why you paid $1000USD just only for PDB files from AoP?. its not even worth to buy. lol. This is predictable. Because I know some people here from "My Era" are still doing the old fashion (selling other people's files, copying other people's project and making minor corrections and then claiming to be their own product, gaining a reputation, and acting like a pro 🤣) an
  7. its okay, I just replay @LewS comment. because he said "paypal frees up a lot for scammers". I am interested in your product, I will PM you later.
  8. Transferwise is just a transfer platform, like forex counters or Western Union. they offer better exchange rate compared to paypal, but no protection, Paypal give less exchange rate for some currency but they have good buyer protection & Refund Policy. I have been using paypal for 6 years as a seller or buyer. paypal mitigating almost 90% of scammers in my transaction or payment. If you like using Transferwise as your payment gateway, it's fine. just don't give false information about Paypal "paypal frees up a lot for scammers" lol. a lot of official games using paypal as
  9. An interesting product, but unfortunately it does not accept paypal.
  10. For the last 2 years, only you & Ron Team have released something that really benefits for community. thanks. Others only follow, fix and sell for their own greedy. actually their fix just make it worst.
  11. Server Location : Singapore PH Players can Join in our servers without LAG.
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