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  1. Server Location : Singapore PH Players can Join in our servers without LAG.
  2. RF RETRO - RPG SERVER MaxLevel 55 Secret Of Holystone [Open Beta Server start 27 Oct 2018 - 19:00 GMT+7] We have 400 online players on average and 700 total online on peaks in Closed Beta Session. Server will be full Released on Saturday, 27-Oct-2018 - 19:00 GMT+7 Websites : https://lunar.rfretro.net Register : https://lunar.rfretro.net/home/register Download : https://lunar.rfretro.net/download [Open Beta Server] Click image SERVER INFO: Exp Rate x4 | Premium x8 Drop Rate x4 | Premium x8 Mining Exp x4 | Premium x8 Animus Exp x40 | Premium x80 PT & Skill GM (According to Class) New Skill Bash / LDR / Accleration Active All Quest include Open Quest Active Battle Dungeon Active Auction House Active Mail System Active Honorary Guild Active. Disable Rune Potion/Teleport Potion/Revive Potion/Summon Potion Disable All Box Upgrade Disable Mau Blessing Disable Elemental Premium in ItemShop Add Reward Elemental Premium in Change Job lvl 30 & 40 SERVER HARDWARE Intel Core i7 7700K 4.2Ghz 32GB RAM DDR4 ECC Ram Supermicro Mainboard 480GB SSD x2 Full AntiDDoS Game 1GB Network Speed Singapore Datacenter All Event in Open Beta / Released Server Websites : https://lunar.rfretro.net Register : https://lunar.rfretro.net/home/register Download : https://lunar.rfretro.net/download COME AND JOIN US
  3. Roslaw

    Useful Queries For RF Online

    [+]Status Information 1 - For Assign Him To Next Council Election 2 - To Revoke His Status From Current Council 3 - To Make Him Current Council
  4. Roslaw

    Useful Queries For RF Online

    Don't forget to give disclaimer : USE AT YOUR OWN RISK Some little mistake in query will give permanent error in database. especially for newbie. Example : Changing the Race requires Class changes too. It cannot be separated. if you want to change or add new Archon / Council without removed old data. just increase eSerial value for new data. And some information in your --comment is wrong
  5. Roslaw

    RF GameCP V2

    You got it . This config only gives super admin privileges to your ID. You still need to register your ID in the registration form. NB : The main problem is that many members here are looking for popularity and pretending as if they know everything to get money outside this forum by scamming people as developers or making low quality servers and asking for donations. This is a fact and has happened in Rag*zone. .
  6. Roslaw

    RF GameCP V2

    Just change the insert query in "register_account" function to matching with your own tbl_rfaccount column. Or you can use this complete tbl_rfaccount : rf_account.zip Goodluck
  7. Roslaw

    RF Fedor @ DevCorp

    I use Dev-Corp's gameguard too, I have no issue with user online log's in "tbl_ServerUser_Log". If you have communication problems with @Fedor, you can try buying through reseller who can support you more.
  8. Roslaw

    Best Zone Protection

    Dev-Corp is good enough for all you need in RF Private Server. I have alot of server using Dev-Corp Protection and Cerberus Protection. They are both is good in terms of protect your server from cheat activity. Dev-Corp prices is USD 400 - USD 600 for 6 months and 1 years License of use. Cerberus prices is USD 2000 - USD 3000 for permanent use and 1 years update / supports.
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