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  1. Monster Drop editing

    Server side ItemLooting.dat and check the moster code then search to itemlooting.dat
  2. About AoE Mau

    You can do that bro...
  3. [HELP] DDNM Issue

    1. Use GM account generate the monster code then try to kill in other map like HQ if you experience DDNM if not then the problem is at the map area 2. Check the drop first if too many then reduce it. If you kill then auto DDNM then possible at the drop item like booty 3. Check resource.edf data for Mob actions at Mesh file
  4. Change "visual" amount of slot items.

    Open you Store.dat client side go to the lats index of slot 200 near button index you can find Slots_Item default is $FFFFFFFF if you want to change item slot display on NPC jud change $5FFFFFFF <= Slot 5 only, $4FFFFFFF <== Slot 4 only, $7FFFFFFF Slot 7 just replace the first"F" near Dollar sign by a number 1 to 7 if you want no slot just back to $FFFFFFFF
  5. TownItem.dat

    Open TownItem.dat server and client side find then m_strModel check the model code from pb scroll and replace the scroll you edit so in that case you can back from ether to hq
  6. TownItem.dat

    What do you mean release?
  7. Dungeon Mission Title

  8. Dungeon Mission Title

  9. Dungeon Mission Title

    Good day RF Dev need help if there is some one already know about this features I create Battle Dungeon Key then link i link it to the new quest mission and success. but my problem is how to create mission title i already add to the mission.text then if i use zone getting error about the mission text and also if i remove the mission title then you enter to the dungeon mission information display with the message of there is no explanation of this mission.
  10. Best Zone Protection

    i don't think so because my friend server is up on June mid date this year and his use Cerberus protection
  11. About AoE Mau

    UnitUpper = Def UnitHead = Accu
  12. MAU Critical Damage

    I already use DevCorp and nothing related to MAU Critical
  13. Compound Siege

    Devcorp sir Prince
  14. Compound Siege

    Sometimes it will auto disconnect but sometimes not
  15. Compound Siege