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  1. Editing the ores

    Search before you ask
  2. Weapon Cast

    Problem Solved Server side WeaponItem.dat "ActiveType" change value and "ActiveTypeCode_Key" change the value Client side Item.dat\Weapon "ActiveType" and "ActiveTypeCode" match the value from server side
  3. Weapon Cast

    Good day rf dev i would like to ask where i can change the weapon cats server side and client side and also where to fine list of cast
  4. Temporary point share to all party members

    That option is from module only you can create your own module if you want but need to study c++ language first
  5. Modify mining project

    oh sorry i understand your problem now but i base only of your first message " CCR's server, in the mining process, can get a gold box, which can tell me how it is modified? " My answer is : Just edit OreCutting.dat find the box code and remove or replace. i thought you need to remove that lol hahaha.... Now you edit your message : Can get +1 ore, +2 ore, +3 ore, how to increase the gold box,Thanks a lot for someone who can help me! My answer is : Just edit OreCutting.dat find the box code change the "Cutting Probability" located next of item code.
  6. Modify mining project

    Just edit OreCutting.dat find the box code and remove or replace
  7. Before that error is there else message?
  8. Need to Cut Exp.dat server side to level 54 only and character.dat client side just replace all existing from 55 to 66 you can cut using hex editor or just simply change the value to -1
  9. Council Armor

    Yes sir i already do that and it fix my problem.... Thanks
  10. Inserting Items to database

    And this is my paid version https://imgur.com/dJ9W0Y3
  11. Inserting Items to database

    maybe you get the wrong category and item index because in my PiOn Account Manager Source Gli is 1446912 not 1512448 i know the calculation because i am the one who create that application
  12. Inserting Items to database

    Ow it is so simple bro look Gli nCount = 22 22 * 65536 = 1441792 and not 65535 Item Category nCategory = 20 20 * 256 = 5120 and not 255 txtSQLCode.Text = Val(nCount) + Val(nCategory) from 65536 to 65535 is a big difference from 256 to 255 is a big difference also
  13. Problem with respawn of PB's

    did you type correctly? like this %respawn stop (Stop mobs respawning) %respawn start (Start mobs respawning)
  14. Inserting Items to database

    Yes i advice you make it manual 1 by 1 so you can discover there is category numbers need to tweak . for example just give upper then category 0 and send just make randomly 1 by 1 you figure out that some category are not correct. need to tweak send 1 by 1 and check it manually
  15. Inserting Items to database

    It is very simple but you need to made a condition and also need need the category number of an item for example UpperItem = Category 0 LowerItem = Category 1 then txtItemIndex.Text is the item index in the category and please don't ask how do i get the index of the item LoL... im just joking Public Sub SQLConvert() Dim nCount as integer Dim nCategory as integer Dim strQLSCode As String = Nothing nCount = txtItemIndex.Text * "65536" nCategory = txtCategory.Text * "256" txtSQLCode.Text = Val(nCount) + Val(nCategory) End Sub