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  1. Weapon Damage Error

    Last time i encounter same error damage over power but it the same level i create new weapon and new code instead of make series the item code for example from *iwsje55 i made *iwsjf55 now the problem i have op damage i don't know that time how to fix it is the same stats all min and max damage but the damage is not same i research and i found some answer and i try to change *iwsjf55 to *iwsje56 instead of making new code i make series code and boom problem solved... now i have more duplicate weapon and new weapon but no problem of damage
  2. Weapon Damage Error

    Check Weapon Code for example e = intense
  3. Name of map ..

    goto Map folder server side and add to this into Map_Data.spt open Map_Data.dpt using Note++ to see the index count * bellato bellato 0 1 1 100 1 7 55 -1 40203 111 Also client side Map.edf check if already added the map name and make sure they are the same index but if not you need to add the map name
  4. Mau Repair multiplier

    yes after all i change then i restart the zone
  5. Mau Repair multiplier

    Hello RF-Dev is there any one know how to change the repair multiplier of mau parts i already change m_nRepPrice value but nothing happened
  6. Name of map ..

    please check if the character if correct format 0 0 0 is center of the map coordinates
  7. Name of map ..

    Yes you can %jump bellato 0 0 0
  8. Resource Effect Code

    Thank you sir problem solved by Sir PrinceRay and Sir Agony Solution Create a reflect item from Jade of Punishment change the negative value to fix value for example -0.30 to 0.30
  9. Resource Effect Code

    Thanks for the reply sir but i would like to know if there is a number code for add HP not recover HP
  10. RF Account Manager

    That is my old version and free i have my personal and full function and lots of function even the gamecp database can handle all manipulating from database is functional like massive reward, reward for all account add VP send guild pack, send solo pack set from helm to shoe even equip item can handle
  11. RF Account Manager

    Thanks image came from old version and need to setup connection using that option. in new version just put the connection string inside .ini file that option is use to select connection if local or online
  12. Resource Effect Code

    Hello guys need help if where do i get the complete list of resource effect code from resourceitem.dat or where do i get the list of that resource effect
  13. Share new chip

    it is already in the game just change the control device code from client side to that mob and your done
  14. RF Fedor @ DevCorp

    we dont need rzr gamcp because we already have our gamecp and rzr gamecp is so expensive this function as far as i remember is free from other free zone
  15. RF Fedor @ DevCorp

    That is also my concern and problem i am using devcorp i already message fedor to his skype because i really need a log from user like trade, chat Etc. that can be trace user activity. on his module config log.ini have a an option to enable chatAll but only GM chat can be trace not allchat by a player... i already message him but no response only seen. maybe if you message him and other client he already received the message like ours maybe he can do update to his application.