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  1. ErlBinary

    Demo file for creating your own battledungeons

    To know that you need to open BattleDungeonItem.dat and check the key code then check the MapCode. Now goto Quest Folder server side check the file name that the same name from MapCode
  2. ErlBinary

    Demo file for creating your own battledungeons

    * reward_item one irtal01 10 : Reward for case ONE - party leader * reward_item other irtal01 3 : Reward for case OTHER - others * reward_exp one 10 * reward_exp other 4 * reward_pvp one 10 * reward_pvp other 5 * reward_dalant one 100 * reward_dalant other 10
  3. ErlBinary

    Can't connected to Server

    i think your connection string try this [Options] DBSTR = Provider=MSDASQL; DSN=BILLING; UID=billinguser; PWD=123456; ErrDBSTR = LogLevel = 2
  4. ErlBinary

    Can't connected to Server

    Did you try to run zone as administrator? if is then check your ODBC connection configuration try to remove default DB user and password change to windows authentication
  5. ErlBinary

    Gold Point command

    go to release area find .str file pack
  6. ErlBinary

    Gold Point command

    Open PotionItem.dat and find header name m_strEffCode check the code then open PotionEffect.dat goto PotionItemEffectCode and locate the m_fTempValue
  7. ErlBinary

    Sealed Animus Error

    Please close this thread all ready solved the problem: Problem come from overlooking animus item in storelist not match to client side visual
  8. ErlBinary

    Sealed Animus Error

    Good day and hello have some error on cora spec sealed animus if you equip 4 sealed animus the error is "Item relater error: Unidentified Error (4)" only 3 sealed animus can equip you can replace other animus but can't equip all of them
  9. ErlBinary

    edit account

    find clean client from release section. ur problem was client mesh file
  10. ErlBinary

    Set Effect Wont Appear

    SetEffect only effect to a Green Name as far as i know
  11. ErlBinary

    Adding Monster For New Map

    Simple you can use Hex Editor open all .dat file inside the map folder then search your target PitBoss Code then replace to the new one
  12. ErlBinary

    MAU Missing effect

    Did you edit also unit.ini? to set mau effect
  13. ErlBinary

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Lol its not error you need to understand what inside the .json files all command work fine and also creating new character you can set to 1 maybe your configuration of global.json same like this. "name": "addon.bonus_start", "config": { "activated": true, '===> also you can disable this for changing then true to false "start_lvl": 1, '===> this is 25 insted of 1 "start_dalant": 0, '==> Set starting currency for new create char "start_gold": 0 '==> Set starting gold for new create char } }, you need to understand the code if you what to use this free protection
  14. ErlBinary

    Looking for developer

    i recommend PrinceRay
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