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  1. windows defender if the file can't read the code due to software encryption it will mark malicious and Trojan:MSIL/Crypto
  2. its already on the Skill.dat and classskill.dat table for just explore
  3. for TP just remove code link from .spt and for Call Teleport use base GM Authority Grade
  4. Additional.ini is in server side ProtecConfig of DevCorp
  5. Not responding because you don't have running launcher emulator, langpack error check R3Engine.ini if language is set to Philippines
  6. if your are using for testing server just pm me to discord: CodeWarrior or skype CodeWarrior i will send you a custom launcher for that also DevCrime has same problem of you i send him a custom launcher for his AOP and it work
  7. Oh sorry sir but actually you give me an idea only but i do no if you have a source code release because this is my own code i mentioned a PL above. and also yes i make same like your interface of listview but big deferent of coding and platform if you see all of my work i release here and you will see it is big deferent i have my own style of coding and i don't leech because i know how to right a PL
  8. (Connectioninfo load failure) due to regional code possible issue 1. if you are using custom launcher check packet data region for login you need to change the code 2. sometimes in custom launcher after the launcher run the bin and delay writing the "DefaultSet.tmp" it may cause same error but you can re run then launcher again. 3. if you are using default rf launcher then check you launcher.xml or check R3Engine.ini if this Language=Philippines
  9. Hello and good day to all, I want to share my simple tools i develop to make a GM or Admin of the server easy there task finding code or command this is AOP base source . some of option are coming soon because i need to figure out what is functional and not functional for Dev-Corp and HVN. Software is 100% free and beware of someone selling it, Due to encryption some of antivirus detected as malicious most of it detection is from free antivirus but it 100% safe This tools made by visual studio 2019 Tools Functions 1. You can search via index, code or description 2. Load Item C
  10. _strs.dat inside is string base on region only if you add new item code or monster code you need to add under _strs.dat also but you editing only then there no need to edit _strs.dat files inside of _strs.data is region base string like us/ph/kor/chi/ etc.
  11. You have two options Add to exception or Don't use the software, False detection due to Encryption some antivirus if they cant read the file then it will mark an malicious
  12. already have free source code at release section with tools and auto update
  13. if you only need to edit then value then not include the client side, but if you edit the effect of an potion then you need
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