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  1. ErlBinary

    Rental Items

    Yes gamecp have an option for expiration date but make sure your item is in the timerItem.dat
  2. ErlBinary

    Master Skill [HELP]

    Goto Server Script\QuestLvLimitEvent.dat Edit this using any Hex Editor and remove all data except the first data like this "00 00 00 00 51 00 00 00 88 08 00 00"
  3. ErlBinary

    Maximum Player

    please fix your image link
  4. ErlBinary


    RF SERVER 2232 AUTO CONFIG APPLICATION 1. install MSSQL Server 2. Its up to you if you want to use sql query script but your need to read the readme.txt first. 3. Create Login credential 4. Configure database 5. Create ODBC connection for the server 6. Select installation path (recommended drive C:\). 7. Input your MSSQL Login user and password. 8. Type your Server name and IP Address. 9. Select installation type you want. 10. Wait until installation finish. It is your choice if you want to use this tools or not, This tools is hack free and virus free VIRUS TOTAL SCAN: LINK DOWNLOAD LINK : RF SERVER 2232 AUTO CONFIG ENJOY..............
  5. ErlBinary

    [HELP] Removing Stocker Lava

    Just change 17B07 to other mob code
  6. ErlBinary

    [HELP] can't play both in LAN mode

    Not advisable to use low ram it may cause to destroy your ram, Zone Server minimum limit on my experience 5GB also processor minimum of A6 for AMD i5 for Intel also if you push to run in a low spec unit beware because it will destroy your ram and processor for the future.
  7. ErlBinary

    Autoloot item like ether Loot

    you need to use free source code protection like and study for it or buy zone protection like DevCorp
  8. ErlBinary

    Autoloot item like ether Loot

    Yes you need to create .dll and hook to your zone that dll have a code for autoloot or any config you want that was called module
  9. ErlBinary

    RF Account Manager

    check connection string try to complete that using ip and port also that is my instant name my default instant name
  10. ErlBinary

    Skill's problem bug?

    did you cast the PT-GM Skill query?
  11. ErlBinary

    CashCoin Regent /Level / Map

    this script is work also i try multiple map and it works... about the 5 minutes cast it works fine but if you try to log out and login again sometimes it will cast in 4 minute only so instead of 500 you get only 400 it is normal because the sql server already process the time upon you completely login in game...
  12. ErlBinary

    weird error

    Good day RF-DEV i would like to ask if any one encounter this error and how to fix this thanks. Image
  13. ErlBinary

    CashCoin Regent /Level / Map

    can you try login and logout then check your cash do it multiple times your cash regenerate very fast
  14. ErlBinary

    NPC Buffer Setup Guide ( Dev Corp )

    Yes i do no if other protection have that function as far as i know Only DevCorp because i am using DevCorp for a long Time
  15. ErlBinary

    change type price

    0 - race currency 1 - gold 2 - certain points 4 - processing points 5 - hunting points 6 - gold point.
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