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  1. I will offer service for the following 1. Custom Daily Quest (Daily, Party or Weekly) Maximum of 8 = $100 2. Adding Script Block Server and Client = 15$ Per Set of Blocks 3. Setup your default launcher to make auto update = $30 4. Assistance for new server owner i will guide you how to get a server with a cheapest budget = Free Note: In the world of RF There are lots of SCAMMER pretending PRO DEV but only know how to edit itemlooting and StoreList then they called themselves as DEV. But in the end you will suffering a multiple expenses instead of one expenses only, suffering from headache due to the fake dev work. PRO DEV Can finish and run your server in a week only also legit dev don't use dummy account to communicate to their client For more info or ask you can directly message me to my account 1. Skype: CodeWarrior 2. FaceBook: >> https://www.facebook.com/erlmleonardo/ 3. Discord: CodeWarrior#8407
  2. ErlBinary

    Issue extracting server files

    use 7zip not winrar maybe the file is compress using 7zip then you extract using winrar some compression compatible to winrar some are not
  3. ErlBinary

    Editing Title Logo Start Game Windows

    open the file using paint.net then save to png file then open to photoshop and add layer for background use gray or black background color so you can see then white image text
  4. ErlBinary

    Error: Character Selection when leveling

    From the beginning you have a database error search a fix DB at release section or check your sqlserver version because deleting data from tbl_NpcData not causing any error
  5. ErlBinary

    Error: Character Selection when leveling

    Delete his id at NpcData
  6. Server Ram Neutralize Optimize Zone Ram usage up to 500MB and running zone with the 500MB ram usage Name: SRN Version 1.0 Function: GameServer Ram Neutralizer Price: 35$ Single License For more info you can message me or pm me to my Skype: CodeWarrior
  7. ErlBinary

    Launcher image with green line

    Form Transparency change tol WindowFrame or any dark color base form
  8. ErlBinary


  9. ErlBinary

    SQL 2008 R2 in windows 10 pro

    make sure you run as administrator the sqlserver installer
  10. ErlBinary

    Pitboss no drop item.

    lol maybe you put drop percent to 1 so there is no drop i said check the value of m_bExit if value is 1 for the item
  11. ErlBinary

    Launcher Auto Update

    need to configure server and client patchinfo.z to update the launcher
  12. ErlBinary

    Pitboss no drop item.

    Check the item if Exist = 1
  13. ErlBinary

    Quest/Mob Killing Party Share

    Quest.dat Server Side and Quest.edf client side Server Side change value of m_nQuestType = 0 to 1 Client Side QuestType = 0 to 1
  14. ErlBinary

    [HELP] Changing Mobs at Nadir Plain (Sette Dessert)

    cut existing data use dat cutter check for release section
  15. ErlBinary

    RF Account Manager

    just add email field in to the last at tbl_rfaccount
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