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  1. ErlBinary

    Gold capsules are not visible in the drop.

    Download this client maybe its here or if not download this FixDropImage
  2. ErlBinary

    Gold capsules are not visible in the drop.

    Solution to fix your issue go and find clean client then goto "Item\ModelItem\Mesh" find and copy this file COM_CONSUME_ADRENALINE_255.BBX and COM_CONSUME_ADRENALINE_255.msh and paste it to your client same directory and your problem is done this file contain potion capsule type image and it is cube with a green color
  3. ErlBinary

    DefaultSet.tmp problem

    Problem Solved thanks to Sir DeusEx help to find out what is the cause issue issue FireGuard server side remove space from the world name from RFMy GameServer change to RFMyGameServer and problem solved
  4. ErlBinary

    DefaultSet.tmp problem

    Good day rf dev team i have a problem about DefaultSet.tmp ip i already check to the launcher and zone config i do no where is the problem came from i test the zone it is live but the problem is wen i run the launcher then login it works but wen you click the world nothings happen because the ip from SefaultSet.tmp is not match to our server ip this is the ip always appears i already edit initialize .ini at zone to our ip. how to solve this issue
  5. ErlBinary

    Client automatically shuts down

    Try to replace the game engine like dll's
  6. ErlBinary

    Client automatically shuts down

    The most common reason for that Critical error is maybe 1. Some of mesh file are missing like armor mesh, weapon mesh 2. Some of ani file are missing like Monster Ani, Animus Ani 3. Map data no map file You can ask the player what is particular they do before that error come out.
  7. ErlBinary

    Merry Christmas

    Hello RF-Dev Team i would like to greet you all a merry christmas and and advance happy new year!!!!!
  8. ErlBinary

    Itemloots Problem

    Server side
  9. ErlBinary

    Lonely Wolf Effect

    Hello RF-Dev i would like to ask about lonely wolf effect i am curious i check then effect code and i found this 24 - Wolf now what is exactly that and how it make effect. Thanks
  10. Replace also the Mesh file and DDS
  11. ErlBinary

    Database Error when login in launcher

    Yes after your CBT all of your rf db will be wipe and restore the clean and original
  12. ErlBinary

    Dragon Armor

    thank you for all of your reply i will try to make new on again
  13. ErlBinary

    Dragon Armor

    Good day guys i am here again need your help i activate dragon armor of my client my problem is if i wear it keep critical error i already add to the resource.edf but it always keep crit error if i trying to wear the armor... i want to know where is the possible cause of error i add to PlayerMesh only at resource.edf is there need to add again like PlayerAni?
  14. ErlBinary

    Weapon Damage Error

    Last time i encounter same error damage over power but it the same level i create new weapon and new code instead of make series the item code for example from *iwsje55 i made *iwsjf55 now the problem i have op damage i don't know that time how to fix it is the same stats all min and max damage but the damage is not same i research and i found some answer and i try to change *iwsjf55 to *iwsje56 instead of making new code i make series code and boom problem solved... now i have more duplicate weapon and new weapon but no problem of damage
  15. ErlBinary

    Weapon Damage Error

    Check Weapon Code for example e = intense