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  1. ErlBinary

    DATABASE Question

    if you update level, dalant, gold etc. you need to delete the character ID at NPC_Data so you are not getting Character selection error
  2. ErlBinary

    Auto Patch Manipulate File Error

    Make sure you have correct patchinfo.z data base on your client
  3. ErlBinary

    RFOnline Server Manager v2.1

    already have screen shot Image1 and image2
  4. ErlBinary

    Customize RF Launcher With Auto Update

    yes in a click only
  5. ErlBinary

    RF Virtual GM

    i will make managable for other server soon
  6. ErlBinary

    RF Virtual GM

    i advise to use for devcorp because already tested the command and embade but you can use the other default command if other zone protect module is the same. also only hvn have command "hvnbanreload" and other hvn command.
  7. ErlBinary

    RF Package Manager Free Version

    Hello good day RF-Dev want to share my simple tools to make sending package easily. This software is free release and please never buy this software to anybody in rf community. Note: if you feel this software is unsafe to use then do not download or use this software. Software is under license key activation. Use this software to your local pc and its your option if you use this directly to your server but you need to exchange the connection string. This is a simple application to manage character package sending simple but useful. Function: 1. Create Package 2. Send Package 3. Remove Character Equip 4. Move Char to Base First run input your email and click button "CHECK MACHINE ID" Video Guide: Download Link >>>> Mediafire Download Link >>>> Google Drive To get the key copy the generated Machine Id from the image above and pm to me, And sorry i will not response or entertain a dummy account. Skype: CodeWarrior Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/erlmleonardo
  8. ErlBinary

    Customize RF Launcher With Auto Update

    Update Service
  9. ErlBinary

    RF Council Manager Free Version

    Good day RF-Dev i would like to share my simple tools but helpful This is for local use only so it means you cant use this via online connection from you're local pc to your server online, you need this to run inside of you server because the connection string is base to the secure login true. Note: if you hesitate to use this application then do not use this software. This software is under license key activation and to get the license key copy MACHINE ID and pm me or direct message me to my skype or Facebook to get free activation key and check the link bellow, I use to made a license base activation to prevent "SCAMMER TO SELL FREE PRODUCT" on RF Community Function: 1. Change Council to database 2. Remove Council to database 3. Re arrange councils spot 4. Add council into database Download Link Mediafire Google Drive How to set-up connection string 1. Change connection string "SVRName=WINOS10-JRKP8P6" to your pc name (SVRName=YOURPCNAME) To add new council or update you need to input election serial Under E-Serial Column, take note E-Serial if base on election week. For more information you can pm me to my skype or facebook Skype: CodeWarrior Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/erlmleonardo
  10. ErlBinary

    Cannot connect to server over the WAN/internet

    If you want to make it online and don't want to use DDS or VDS then you need to make port forwarding and also check your ISP if reverse connection is enable so you use to connect your client. make sure this port is forwarded 10001 and 27780
  11. ErlBinary

    Como incluir novos itens

    if you want to add new item on script you need to add new table to the item you want, Server and Client make sure it is match and also in client side you need to add table to Resource. Here is the data you need to edit to add new item 1. Server Script 2. Item.edf 3. Resource.edf 4. NDItem.edf 5. Item\en-gb\item.spr image or Common 6. Chef\.ini files
  12. ErlBinary

    *_str.dat Function

    [filemask="_str.dat"] struct _str { u32 nBlock; u32 nblockColumns; u32 nBlockSize; child FileBlock [count=nBlock]; } struct FileBlock [preload=1, tableview=1] { u32 " Index " [id=m_dwIndex]; cstr [len=64] " ItemCode " [id=m_strCode]; repeat 11 { cstr [len=64] " Item Name " [id=m_NameTag]; } } Here you go
  13. ErlBinary

    Character back to lvl 1

    pm me to my facebook account : https://www.facebook.com/erlmleonardo i will try to fix that please use real facebook account because i never entertain dummy account.
  14. ErlBinary

    Character back to lvl 1

    I already experience many times that error as far as i remember @Killerwoody correct you database not saving correct because of sqlserver compatibility to your windows OS first experience i am using windows 7 OS then install sqlserver 2008r2 same issue so i update my sqlserver to sp2 and fix 2nd experience also using windows 10 pro license install sql server 2008r2 with sp2 and the error came out create char make level end mode to other map then after i relog my char back to level 1 and respawn in glitch area solution i made install Microsoft Sql Server 2014 and my problem solved. So try to use ans replace your sqlserver
  15. ErlBinary

    Character back to lvl 1

    Check your sqlserver compatibility to the windows OS or Windows Server
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