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  1. PelusoBHxClan

    [RELEASE] DAT Launcher

    tnks for this share i was looking for this software since me PC BOOMed
  2. PelusoBHxClan

    Intreppid and EQG GameCP full source

    https://mega.nz/file/lgIUhYDS#VkhYXI8RGQKu7IkQkdeUg8UsNrRXvUPoyaC7KM10Qz0 link update
  3. PelusoBHxClan

    GM skills, but I can not get equipment from other classes.

    im getting this error aswell, but im using new itens I made they were lv 70 and 75 but now they all lv 66 and the error persists any hints on how to fix it? masteries at character and script files are set to default (66)
  4. PelusoBHxClan

    NPC Buffer Setup Guide ( Dev Corp )

    Im getting item related error unindefined error (12) after following video tutorial already checked it twice and cannot found where is my mistake
  5. PelusoBHxClan

    [Release] Change start Location [GU;]

    4Sir @4erepaxa is defense2.2.3.2 source your project? I did found your name on it
  6. PelusoBHxClan

    How can I open 2 zone servers on the same machine?

    u need to change something at account server and worldinfo i supose
  7. PelusoBHxClan

    RF Online 2.2.4 - Lord Master

    I played a RF in 2010 if not mistaken ROTLM @rf phoenyx... Try searching rf phoenyx client dl
  8. PelusoBHxClan

    Intreppid and EQG GameCP full source

    nvm it was my internet ROFL
  9. PelusoBHxClan

    Intreppid and EQG GameCP full source

    Seccond link not working. can you re up it pleaase?
  10. PelusoBHxClan

    [Cerberus] Looking for comunity/concept manager

    wish i could buy your protection,,, not interested on opening one at brazil? hehe
  11. PelusoBHxClan

    Remove Portals

    Let's say I wan to to remove BM and OC maps for instance,,, my work will only be remove those tp from npc at HQs and remove portal to bm from cauldron.spt ? and remove the exit from elven land to OC aswell right?
  12. PelusoBHxClan

    (HELP) CHANGING UI OPTION TO ADD Auto Target Setting

    ¬AUTO_MOUSE_MODE = Alt+? AUTO_TARGET_MODE = Alt+?isnt hard to make it mouse-based but character-based selection is a lil bit harder i think¬ I already messed with it sometime ago last month I think i was able to just got it working based on mouse selection, character selection didn`t work
  13. PelusoBHxClan

    RF online early closed Beta from ~2002

    WOW mate wish i was working (learning from you) Nice work! very cool project guys! love yall!!! best regards
  14. PelusoBHxClan

    Nj/velo on potions? Or NJ for xClass

    I was thinking of creating new skills but i cant increve the 8 buff/debuff limit then I stop researching for cool ideaas my first ideal was to do my version of BuffMe, to put all those buffs into one and allow everyone to use it, kind of .... hehehe
  15. PelusoBHxClan

    Nj/velo on potions? Or NJ for xClass

    "is this still in Class.dat?" nope it isn't... it is skill.dat at scripts I like messing with spells and skills NJ for all !! that is cool mate a very good idea,, i was tryint to create a speed buff for everyone like scar of defeat that doesn't use your buff slots
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