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  1. Omi

    Starting level

    How can I make newly created character to be at certain level? I tried editing database right after creation, but on entering the game it becomes lvl 1 again. I also tried editing quest that gives returnee's weapon to also give a ton of exp, but it gives no more than 1 lvl an 99.9900% of experience. And also can I edit this leveling limitation that doesn't allow you to get more than 2 levels at once?
  2. Omi

    Character status

    This is what I was talking about - you can find accounts that are online, but not character. There is a log table in RF_World (don’t remember it’s name) that stores log for character selection. Using this you can somehow determine selected character. But If a player does a relog without logging of (back to character selection) then this action is never been logged anywhere. To sum up: if a player is on character selection screen, than he is technically online according to tbl_UserAccount, but still not online as a character
  3. Omi

    Character status

    Can I somehow know if certain character is online? It seems like I can do it for account using tbl_UserAccount, but I can't find anything that shows certain character online
  4. Omi

    Cannot spawn items

    You were right! I just had to enable this commands
  5. Omi

    Cannot spawn items

    I don't get it. It seems like you can change name of the command. But I don't see anything that is responsible for enabling command
  6. Omi

    Cannot spawn items

    Now I cannot write announcements AND still cannot spawn items ReleaseType is already set to be "Release". What do you meen by "strs" and are there any instructions? Because I do use default zone.
  7. Omi

    Cannot spawn items

    I have installed rf online server following multiple tutorials in the internet (including the one on this site) and I came across a problem that I can't solve. I cannot perform several commands with GM account including item spawning. However I can spawn monsters and set level so some commands do work. I have an accound with following attributes: Serial ID PW Grade Depart RealName LastConnIP CreateDT LastLoginDT LastLogoffDT TotalLogMin SubGrade ExpireDT ComClass BirthDay 2000000001 0x2174657374000000000000000000000000 0x746573740000000000000000000000000000000000000000 2 none name 0
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